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Exist in large numbers or amounts.
  1. 'Seeing that fewer than half the EU electorate picked these MEP characters, is it any wonder that apathy abounds?'
  2. 'In some situations, the declines are so gentle that arguments abound as to whether a bear market really existed at all.'
  3. 'Speculation abounds that the bank was secretly doing their part to help pay back those student loans.'
  4. 'It is easy to see why rumour abounds about the levels of discontent simmering within the company.'
  5. 'Wherever you look, Ireland's wonderfully rich heritage abounds.'
  6. 'Doom abounds but the trawl for positives has to begin somewhere.'
  7. 'Rumour abounds at present in the Caherconlish area that its out of date sewerage system is about to be upgraded with the provision of a new pump house.'
  8. 'Storage space abounds inside with the new fascia boasting a central lidded storage box plus two glove boxes on the passenger side.'
  9. 'Speculation abounds about Sony's intentions over the next 24 hours.'
  10. 'Evidence of the Chinese talent for cooking abounds, in the humblest homes as in the costliest restaurants.'
  11. 'this area abounds with caravan sites'
  12. 'More fiction than fact abounds in a country that's now flirting with calls to ignore the painful lessons of history supposedly learned in the past.'
  13. 'Our Richmond Valley abounds in dwellings, public buildings, monuments, museums, cemeteries that are worthy of more than just a casual glance.'
  14. 'History abounds with empires and ‘leaders’ who have taken ‘their’ people for granted.'
  15. 'History abounds with examples of good actions furthering the cause of evil…'
  16. 'The book abounds with learning and intelligent writing.'
  17. 'Jamaica abounds with tropical splendour and scenic vistas'
  18. 'Africa, the origin of life, abounds with endless red deserts and intolerably hot storms.'
  19. 'Charles Bennett's screenplay abounds in the risqué humour that Hitchcock so relished.'
  20. 'The first thing that the visitor to Croydon should know is that it abounds with places to eat and drink.'
  21. 'Mr. Johnson's book, by contrast, abounds in strong opinions.'

More definitions

1. to occur or exist in great quantities or numbers: a stream in which trout abound.

2. to be rich or well supplied (usually followed by in): The region abounds in coal.

3. to be filled; teem (usually followed by with): The ship abounds with rats.

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"stories can be abound."


Middle English (in the sense ‘overflow, be abundant’): from Old French abunder, from Latin abundare ‘overflow’, from ab- ‘from’ + undare ‘surge’ (from unda ‘a wave’).