Adjective "acidophilic" definition and examples

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(of a cell or its contents) readily stained with acid dyes.
  1. 'Histologically the tumor cells closely resemble normal hepatocytes, although the cytoplasm may be more acidophilic or hydropic than in those cells in the surrounding liver.'
  2. 'The cytoplasm is predominantly acidophilic with some residual basophilia.'
(of a microorganism or plant) growing best in acidic conditions.
  1. 'The Adiantum venustum needs to be grown in a specific soil for acidophilic plants, soft and with an average drainage.'
  2. 'The conditions at Champagne Pool are ideal for thermophilic, mildly acidophilic archaeans such as the Sulfobales and Thermoproteales.'

More definitions

1. Biology. having an affinity for acid stains; eosinophilic.

2. Ecology. thriving in or requiring an acid environment.

More examples(as adjective)

"foci can be acidophilic."

"bacteria can be acidophilic."