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An advertisement.
  1. 'But at least the television ads bring a touch of unpolished rationality to the broadcasts.'
  2. 'Even the television ads for these magazines celebrate the hopeless stupidity and superficiality of the male.'
  3. 'She's actually appearing on television insurance ads at the moment.'
  4. 'Corporations are also replacing their normal advertising with ads created for the Red Cross.'
  5. 'These days we're used to shock advertising, the soft sell and all ads in between.'
  6. 'Depression is talked about, written about, has ads about it on television.'
  7. 'Funny thing though, they keep delivering to you, thick folders of ads and flyers.'
  8. 'No matter which medium is chosen for advertising, ads must exist in order to be publicized.'
  9. 'He has blanketed the city with glossy advertising, nonstop television spots and radio ads.'
  10. 'Visitor numbers are a key consideration for advertisers considering placing ads on sites.'


    Anno Domini (used to indicate that a date comes the specified number of years after the traditional date of Christ's birth).

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      1. advertisement.

      2. advertising: an ad agency.

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      "valorems can be ad."

      "systems can be ad."

      "bonds can be ad."

      "taxes can be ad."

      "revenues can be ad."

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      (ad)Mid 19th century: abbreviation.