Adjective "Alert" Definition and Examples




    1. fully aware and attentive; wide-awake; keen: an alert mind.

    2. swift; agile; nimble. noun

    3. an attitude of vigilance, readiness, or caution, as before an expected attack.

    4. a warning or alarm of an impending military attack, a storm, etc.: We'd just boarded the bus when the alert sounded.

    5. the period during which such a warning or alarm is in effect. verb (used with object)

    6. to warn (troops, ships, etc.) to prepare for action.

    7. to warn of an impending ra


    "people can be alert to possibilities."

    "reserves can be alert to possibilities."

    "people can be alert in footages."

    "people can be alert in/at/on times."

    "people can be alert for packages."

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