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A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.
  1. 'the sight filled me with awe'
  2. 'All he said was how much he appreciated the comments and that he was in awe of being in the room with so many great players.'
  3. 'For all his confidence, in a strange way he was in awe of some of the senior players and their experiences.'
  4. 'I was in the Dolomites with, you know, huge, soaring mountains and the locals were in awe of some of the famous routes in Scotland.'
  5. 'They were in awe of Brazil - or at least in awe of the myth of Brazilian football.'
  6. 'No doubt they were in awe of her wonderful creation, not that she could blame them.'
  7. 'How easy is it to lose yourself and what's important to you when you meet someone who impresses you, or someone who fills you with awe, or fear?'
  8. 'Winning the award, he says, is a measure of how far he's come since those days when he was in awe of the building and the people in it.'
  9. 'No doubt I was in awe of him, but in any case I didn't really get to connect with him as a person.'
  10. 'Just maybe we can confront our place with awe and admiration, respect and veneration.'
  11. 'Yet he was in awe of the young soldiers, many of whom have suffered debilitating injuries.'
  12. 'The Metro has lost its awe, and I now feel like a true Muscovite as I monotonously ride the Metro without effort.'
  13. 'The Home Run Derby has already lost some of its awe and eventually these new games and contests would grow old and boring as well.'


Inspire with awe.
  1. 'As a struggling artist, this kind of thing inspires me and awes me.'
  2. 'Made of the local red sandstone, set on raised ground, and having the highest interior of all English cathedrals, it dominates the Merseyside skyline and awes worshippers.'
  3. 'At the Metropolitan she awes nobody as the goddess of War.'
  4. 'Be awed by the untouched vastness of some of the oldest mountains on the planet.'
  5. 'Neither of those buildings could be described as traditional - the Empire State Building awes you with its mass, not its subtle detail.'
  6. 'We inspect the deck cabin of newfound friends and are awed by its spaciousness.'
  7. 'Inside the Abbey it was impossible not to feel awed by the history and the weight of what it means to be English.'
  8. 'Everyone was awed by the moral implications of mass murder on such a grand scale.'
  9. 'But I'm awed by their desire to chronicle these experiences in such detail.'

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1. an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God; in awe of great political figures.

2. Archaic. power to inspire fear or reverence.

3. Obsolete. fear or dread.

verb (used with object), awed, awing.

4. to inspire with awe.

5. to influence or restrain by awe.


Old English ege ‘terror, dread, awe’, replaced in Middle English by forms related to Old Norse agi.


be (or stand) in awe of