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Smiling broadly; grinning.
  1. 'a beaming smile'
  2. 'He then pointed at Bagley, who was escorted away beaming.'
  3. 'Beaming, the boy raced off to pass along the news to the others.'
  4. 'A beaming Sam was caught on camera in the photograph published in last Saturday's Observer.'
  5. 'Emerging onto the balcony in Rome this evening, he was beaming.'
  6. 'Walker takes a moment to register the news, then appears amazed, before breaking into a beaming grin.'
  7. 'Kin and Gin gained international fame for their beaming smiles, enormous vitality and shared longevity.'
  8. 'I turned to look at his beaming, exited face.'
  9. 'I put the phone down five minutes later, absolutely beaming.'
  10. 'He was neither small nor slender and possessed an astonishing amount of unruly blond curls framing his beaming pink face.'
  11. 'Sufficiently assuaged, a beaming Anita scuttled off.'


1. radiant; bright.

2. smiling brightly; cheerful.

More examples(as adjective)

"smiles can be beaming."

"pictures can be beaming."

"people can be beaming."

"informations can be beaming."

"faces can be beaming."

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