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Having or showing the knowledge, ability, or training to perform a certain activity or task well.
  1. 'skilled draughtsmen'
  2. 'They have become very skilled at playing the role of the victim.'
  3. 'We must match the work environment to an appropriately skilled workforce.'
  4. 'In the United States, labour market prospects for low skilled workers have been poor over the past two decades.'
  5. 'My father had made both the bed and the dresser, he was a very skilled craftsman.'
  6. 'If he hadn't been so skilled, he may have perished eons ago.'
  7. 'He was already highly skilled in the martial arts, having obtained a black belt in karate.'
  8. 'What were the patentee's words intended to convey to the skilled addressee?'
  9. 'Therefore, the real solution would be to identify and train more skilled labour.'
  10. 'He was one of the many elves skilled with the blade.'
  11. 'Jax was still amazed how a three-year-old could be so skilled with a computer.'
  12. 'Care must be tailored to the individual and delivered by a team with sufficient expertise to provide the skilled support that women need.'
  13. 'Thanks also to Lory Frankel and Fronia Simpson for their skilled editorial advice.'
  14. 'a highly skilled job'
  15. 'Gowda says the drawback in these training sessions is that they are not taught skilled work that is utilitarian.'
  16. 'This is beautiful, highly skilled work and deserves all the attention it will undoubtedly get.'
  17. 'I have proposed… greater support for technical and skilled trades and craft training.'
  18. 'In all of this, the training needed for skilled work is devalued.'
  19. 'Those who did the skilled work had to belong to a guild.'
  20. 'Everyone wanted to be of use and no one knew how, as if citizenship were a skilled position for which none of us had the right experience and qualification.'
  21. 'There are profits to be had in iron, steel, chemicals and skilled work.'


1. having skill; trained or experienced in work that requires skill.

2. showing, involving, or requiring skill, as certain work.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be skilled at things."

"people can be skilled in things."

"people can be skilled in arts."

"treasuries can be skilled at things."

"thieves can be skilled at disguisings."

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