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Fond of or good at sport.
  1. 'Although their characters haven't been fleshed out, they deliver endearing performances as the sporty sister and her academic, brooding husband.'
  2. 'Tony was the sporty one and Henry was the swotty one, but despite the differences they remained friends throughout the years.'
  3. 'I think it's okay to have sporty characters in movies.'
  4. 'Geeky Brett lusts after wholesome blonde Samantha, who's dating sporty jock Cody.'
  5. 'The Women is the story of nice girl Mary Haines (played by Norma Shearer), sporty and straightforward, who loses her husband to shop-girl vamp Crystal Allen, a red-lipped, black-eyed Joan Crawford.'
  6. 'Now, I am beginning to be so again once more, although I am not very sporty!'
  7. 'This sporty red knit hat comes emblazoned with the Life Aquatic insignia, while the tight, skimpy blue bathing suit leaves little to the imagination.'
  8. 'the sporty 1.5 litre coupe'
  9. 'Daniel isn't championing a slacker ethos so much as he's narrowing his focus on the marginalized and underpaid, the people who don't wear designer suits or drive sporty new showroom cars.'


1. flashy; showy.

2. smart in dress, behavior, etc.

3. like or befitting a sportsman.

4. dissipated; fast: a sporty crowd.

5. designed for or suitable for sport.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be sporty in/at/on ways."

"people can be sporty for people."

"people can be sporty at people."

"people can be sporty as brothers."

"cars can be sporty."

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