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Accomplishing a desired aim or result.
  1. 'marketing of Japanese products has been highly successful'
  2. 'If the aim of this exercise was to sell books, then it was undoubtedly successful.'
  3. 'So in Melbourne we will sell ourselves as a small country who can deliver a successful Games.'
  4. 'The key to a successful treatment is to be able to attack the root of the cancer.'
  5. 'The successful bid would include a specification of the work and materials and prices.'
  6. 'The family now run a successful business and feel they were lucky to get out of farming when they did.'
  7. 'To walk away or to make sure the photograph was a successful piece of evidence?'
  8. 'Two years ago, we had a very successful show that got big audiences straight away.'
  9. 'The hardest thing about giving up smoking is the fear that you might actually be successful.'
  10. 'It's the story of the most successful peaceful spread of freedom in recent history.'
  11. 'If the tests are successful, it would be the first vaccine in the world to treat human cases of bird flu.'
  12. 'He was a man eminently successful in the line of life which he chose, and deservedly so.'
  13. 'Many of them would have been successful and wealthy, but did any have a satisfied mind?'
  14. 'All the artists, now famous and successful, were to be seen on the streets and in the cafes.'


1. achieving or having achieved success.

2. having attained wealth, position, honors, or the like.

3. resulting in or attended with success.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be successful in things."

"places can be successful in things."

"people can be successful with things."

"people can be successful at things."

"companies can be successful in things."

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