A List of Adjectives, Knowledge about Adjectives

This list has more than 30,000 adjectives.

Adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns. In most cases, you know how to use adjectives, but in some special time, you may need some tips, you might just have forgot the adjective you want, or you just need some special words, such as adjectives beginning with the letter A, or some adjectives with a length of 9 letters, or need some positive adjectives these problems are you you can find the perfect results here.

At the same time, you can find the morst popular types adjectives, and positive and negative positive adjectives here.

Adjectives give more meaning to and a clearer definition of the noun that you are talking about. For example, you have a group of dogs in a kennel and you want to be able to describe a specific one. You could refer to the specific dog that you're talking about as fluffy or big. Thanks to adjectives, you are able to give accurate descriptions of the common noun that you are talking about to make your message clearer and easier to understand.

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Adjectives to Describe a Person

Every one is unique. We have used too many common adjectives to describe them, we need some more precise adjectives.

List of Adjectives by Length

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