Adjective "Absent-Minded" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Having or showing a forgetful or inattentive disposition.
  1. 'An absent-minded businessman who left a bag containing £10,000 on the roof of his car yesterday offered a £1,000 reward for its return.'
  2. 'This is no absent-minded professor, lost in the world of abstraction.'
  3. 'Three prisoners had to be treated for smoke inhalation after an absent-minded prison van driver left the handbrake on while he was taking them to court yesterday.'
  4. 'Finally the ash falls on his white cotton slacks and he sweeps it with his hand in an absent-minded manner.'
  5. 'Because I tend to be a bit absent-minded at times and as well as forgetting where I put my keys or took off my glasses, I also forget where I save things to.'
  6. 'Even though the card would probably not help catch a single villain, it would criminalise many thousands of absent-minded, forgetful and inefficient people.'
  7. 'Right now I'm reading Good Night, Gorilla, a gripping tale about the adventures of an absent-minded zookeeper.'
  8. 'By the end of the day, I had almost completely forgotten the topic, which proved how absent-minded I was.'
  9. 'Dennis, a former welder at York's carriage works, has found six handbags in his seven years of taxi driving not to mention numerous expensive cameras, all of which have been returned to their absent-minded owners.'
  10. 'His replying nod seemed almost absent-minded.'



1. so lost in thought that one does not realize what one is doing, what is happening, etc.; preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one's immediate surroundings.