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Relating to angels.
  1. 'In some quarters, the dove is considered to possess angelic qualities.'
  2. 'A perfect Christmas morning record with its angelic singing and gentle melancholy hymns.'
  3. 'Until we're serenaded by the angelic chorus, Krauss is as close to a heavenly voice as it gets.'
  4. 'One held the world and all its people and all its furniture and all the angelic choirs to be dreams in the mind of God.'
  5. 'Musically, angelic guidance has rearranged priorities and sharpened his ear.'
  6. 'I have now finished the first complete draft of my novella (cue angelic trumpets, hallelujahs etc).'
  7. 'Cerri and her angelic companion didn't so much as flinch as the leader stood to the side reveling a swordsman.'
  8. 'A quick google reveals that he is a spiritual medium, the gleaming white raiment possibly implying a familiarity with the angelic host.'
  9. 'Of two works by David Parsons, Shining Star is a be-happy piece for dancers in angelic white, against tricksy banks of lights.'
  10. 'I couldn't have felt more ecstatic if the heavens had opened up and serenaded me with a chorus of angelic voices.'
  11. 'she looks remarkably young and angelic'
  12. 'Lisa Hannigan's angelic voice only helps to solidify this song as one of the most pleasing songs on the album.'
  13. 'She is not portrayed as angelic but as a believably good-natured and optimistic adolescent.'
  14. 'He had a beautiful young wife, three angelic children and a cat.'
  15. 'He looks such an angelic lad but he's really uncontrollable and takes great pleasure in anti-social behaviour.'
  16. 'Boo has been far from angelic recently and the thought of taking him to a crowded football stadium was just too much.'
  17. 'I gave her an unconvinced look, which she returned with a look of angelic innocence.'
  18. 'The pudding-bowl haircut he used to sport gave an impression of angelic innocence that convinced nobody.'
  19. 'He is accompanied by his very pretty soft-spoken wife and their two angelic daughters.'
  20. '"When you look at them they look quite angelic but the amount of violence used was terrible.'
  21. 'By the time we were eighteen, the angelic girl I met in kindergarten was long gone.'


1. of or belonging to angels: the angelic host.

2. like or befitting an angel, especially in virtue, beauty, etc.: angelic sweetness.

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"alls can be angelic in people."

"spirits can be angelic."

"people can be angelic."

"faiths can be angelic."

"faces can be angelic."

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Late Middle English: from French angélique, via late Latin from Greek angelikos, from angelos (see angel).