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Swollen with fluid or gas.
  1. 'And water keeps your body from retaining excess fluid so you won't look bloated.'
  2. 'The Oscar winning actor went virtually unnoticed as he walked about with his burly minders in toe, as he looked scruffy, bloated, and unshaven.'
  3. 'Also I'd just had a large helping of pudding at lunch and my stomach was bloated and distended, making seatbelt use out of the question.'
  4. 'The similar French product, a speciality of ports in the north of Normandy, is called bouffi, also meaning swollen or bloated.'
  5. 'For some reason, probably because I feel fat and bloated and depressed and I probably had a glass or two more of wine than I should have.'
  6. 'I remembered her as being dependent on a ventilator, bloated with excess fluid, and too weak to even lift her hands off the bed.'
  7. 'In kids who are 2 years old or younger, the most common symptoms of appendicitis are vomiting and a bloated or swollen abdomen, accompanied by pain.'
  8. 'She must have weighed under a hundred pounds and this man like a bloated balloon ready to pop needed to torture her?'
  9. 'The disease saw him go from super-fit athletic to pain-racked and bloated from bouts of chemo and steroids.'
  10. 'the company trimmed its bloated labour force'
  11. 'It amounts to a bloated and inefficient government monopoly.'
  12. 'The person with a bloated ego is a show-off who thinks the world of himself.'
  13. 'Even you with your insanely bloated ego wouldn't stand a chance.'
  14. 'What is preoccupying the council officials at the moment is where to get a fat cheque to pay the bloated workforce those salary arrears.'
  15. 'As the decades rolled on, more manufacturers got into the game, with the supermini market expanding to its current bloated level.'
  16. 'It is a particularly obscene excuse when you consider the huge amounts of money spent every year on increasingly bloated budgets for ministerial and departmental media advisers.'
  17. 'Tired of waiting for the bloated political elite to pass laws designed to free up labour markets, corporate Europe has simply produced the shotgun and insisted on change.'
  18. 'He had a brain in him the size of a bloated brontosaurus, but unfortunately he had a temper to match.'
  19. 'The fragments battle for space and breath in the maze of pressures inherent in a culture bloated by wealth, technology, and power.'
  20. 'They're corrupt, they're bloated, they've sold out their founding values.'


1. swollen; puffed up; overlarge.

2. excessively vain; conceited.

3. excessively fat; obese.

More examples(as adjective)

"deficits can be bloated by obligations."

"spreads can be bloated by datas."

"reserves can be bloated by marks."

"deficits can be bloated by purchases."

"volumes can be bloated by deals."

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