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Truthful and straightforward; frank.
  1. 'a candid discussion'
  2. 'Such candid discussion, I was told, was unprecedented in a dual-gender public forum.'
  3. 'This is the most honest, candid, and intelligent discussion I've read of this topic.'
  4. 'It is helpful to identify a person or a group of people with whom we can have an open and candid relationship.'
  5. 'The series offers a candid, fascinating look at what factors shape a person's character.'
  6. 'The director was remarkably candid about making the leap from Europe to Hollywood, and working with stars of the calibre of Owen.'
  7. 'Only in unique relationships can a CEO afford to open up, be candid, be vulnerable.'
  8. 'Corporate tax people need to be candid and straightforward about all that information.'
  9. 'It was refreshing to see a film which is completely open and candid about complex ideas about what a particular woman wants.'
  10. 'His flaw was his indispensable virtue: he was direct and candid in telling the unvarnished truth.'
  11. 'It is hard to get candid comments from people who must continue to work with the subject after the book is out.'
(of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge.
  1. 'This album is intensely intimate, just like the candid photos of the band in the CD booklet.'
  2. 'From all the wedding phots, this looks the most natural, very candid and spontaneous.'
  3. 'The main picture on the front page is a candid shot of the rock band.'
  4. 'He was one of the first photographers to take candid shots on the street, and his style has influenced generations.'
  5. 'In our time of candid, instamatic and digital photography, this is a tome to treasure.'
  6. 'I liked to take candid shots of people and places, and the park was one of my favorite places to go.'
  7. 'The light was fantastic; the shots, experimental candid shots of strangers were so-so.'
  8. 'Dijkstra deliberately walks a line between posed and candid shots.'
  9. 'What were they thinking when they allowed a relative in the press to take candid photos of her for distribution?'


1. frank; outspoken; open and sincere: a candid critic.

2. free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge; straightforward: a candid opinion.

3. informal; unposed: a candid photo.

4. honest; impartial: a candid mind.

5. Archaic. white.

6. Archaic. clear; pure. noun

7. an unposed photograph.

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"sets can be candid in atmospheres."

"people can be candid with people."

"people can be candid over habits."

"people can be candid on points."

"people can be candid in views."

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Mid 17th century (in the Latin sense): from Latin candidus ‘white’. Subsequent early senses were ‘pure, innocent’, ‘unbiased’, and ‘free from malice’, hence ‘frank’ (late 17th century). Compare with candour.