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Cause (a person or their body) to lose a large amount of water.
  1. 'Have a glass of water with your meals instead of caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee, which dehydrate the body.'
  2. 'You know that you can't live long without water, but how do you know if you're dehydrated?'
  3. '75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated - mainly because your body is low on water long before your thirst response alerts you.'
  4. 'Yes, if the athlete is dehydrated, any water will accomplish that, dumbo!'
  5. 'The doctor suggested she lie on her side and drink two large glasses of water to make sure she wasn't dehydrated.'
  6. 'Coffee can also dehydrate you, so counter its effects by drinking water.'
  7. 'He was dehydrated, his throat was swelling, and he had lost blood.'
  8. 'If you're dehydrated, your body may not recover as quickly after a workout (leaving you sore longer).'
  9. 'When you're dehydrated, your skin is one of the first organs to show it.'
  10. 'Many athletes and the general norm of people are dehydrated without being aware they are.'
  11. 'the nurses made sure I didn't dehydrate'
  12. 'The w profiles in the plant were affected by these soil w, becoming more negative as the soil dehydrated, but recovering when water was resupplied.'
  13. 'dehydrated mashed potatoes'
  14. 'He then used a vacuuming process to dehydrate this softened grain, leaving behind a thick, sweet goo.'
  15. 'Well, usually when you take the skin off it can be preserved in a number of different ways and very often it's salted and that dehydrates it to preserve it and stop bacteria decomposing it.'
  16. 'He grimaced at the thought of eating dehydrated food; I described the simple pleasure of drinking ice-cold water from a mountain stream.'
  17. 'The goal here is essentially to dehydrate the vegetables and caramelize the outside at the same time.'
  18. 'At the far extreme of technology, meat is dehydrated by freeze-drying to provide lightweight military rations.'
  19. 'One division of my business harvests and dehydrates fruits and vegetables for use in papermaking formulas.'

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verb (used with object), dehydrated, dehydrating.

1. to deprive (a chemical compound) of water or the elements of water.

2. to free (fruit, vegetables, etc.) from moisture for preservation; dry.

3. to remove water from (the body or a tissue).

4. to deprive of spirit, force, or meaning; render less interesting or effectual.

verb (used without object), dehydrated, dehydrating.

5. to lose water or moisture: Milk dehydrates easily.

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"people can be dehydrated before races."

"children can be dehydrated during attacks."

"adults can be dehydrated during attacks."

"people can be dehydrated."

"foods can be dehydrated."

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(dehydrate)Late 19th century: from de- (expressing removal) + Greek hudros, hudr- ‘water’.