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Causing delight; charming.
  1. 'A good cup of hot cocoa sounded delightful at the moment, and Eric licked his lips.'
  2. 'She was a delightful woman and made a enormous contribution to the council.'
  3. '"Well, isn't this a delightful surprise, " Ella purred.'
  4. 'The extras return to the formula and do not have any delightful surprises.'
  5. 'I found it quite delightful, very different and definitely worth seeing.'
  6. 'The salmon was moist and succulent, the pastry buttery, rich and golden, delightful.'
  7. 'But she parried our questions with a wit that reminds us why we found her mother so delightful.'
  8. 'The thing I have found most delightful is having friends all over the world.'
  9. 'My cough sounds delightful like two pieces of sandpaper rubbing together in a rugby brawl.'
  10. 'Anyway, it has also been delightful to be back seeing my loved ones.'



1. giving great pleasure or delight; highly pleasing: a delightful surprise.

More examples(as adjective)

"towns can be delightful with harbours."

"sounds can be delightful on days."

"rucsacses can be delightful to carries."

"plants can be delightful to plants."

"plants can be delightful in areas."

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