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Conspicuously inscribe or display a design on.
  1. 'They were all dressed in the trademark tracksuit and baseball cap, emblazoned with sportswear logos etc. - the sort you can see here any day of the week.'
  2. 'Another enthusiast is lurking on one of the platforms, wearing a quilted jacked emblazoned with an Express logo.'
  3. 'And at first I thought that it would be good to get some T-shirts emblazoned with the Underground logo.'
  4. 'Cars emblazoned with the logos of art magazines were lodged in a central train yard.'
  5. 'But after he showers, he sheds his Robinson jersey, donning instead a shirt emblazoned with the logo of Sal's Famous Pizzeria.'
  6. 'Easy to spot, the new buses sport distinctive purple livery and are emblazoned with The Deep logo, setting them apart from other city bus services.'
  7. 'Under that jacket is a full-body wetsuit emblazoned with the SeaWorld logo.'
  8. 'You might have already seen it, a gleaming new car emblazoned with Knights logos driving around the district.'
  9. 'It didn't have any identification on it, unlike most satellites which were emblazoned with the logos of their proprietors.'
  10. 'They wear tan pants and white shirts emblazoned with the same logo as the car's side; a yellow tower inside a green wreath.'
  11. 'the Queen's coat of arms is emblazoned on the door panel'
  12. 'Devices were emblazoned on coaches, and also in the home.'
  13. 'While in Spain he met King Ferdinand in Valladolid, and his letters show his great concern about suitable gifts for his Medici patrons, among which was a fine musical instrument emblazoned with Medici devices.'
  14. 'their success was emblazoned'

More definitions

1. to depict, as on an escutcheon in heraldry.

2. to decorate with brilliant colors.

3. to proclaim; celebrate or extol.

More examples(as adjective)

"supplies can be emblazoned."

"shields can be emblazoned."

"flours can be emblazoned."

"coats can be emblazoned."