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Not easily annoyed or made angry.
  1. 'When called in the early hours of the morning, as he frequently was, he was as even-tempered as if attending a social event.'
  2. 'At least externally, the cardinal reacted in an even-tempered way to negative criticism by bishops and lay people.'
  3. 'He is even-tempered, slow to anger, able to teach.'
  4. 'And though he likes the view from where he is, it's not easy to always be the smiling face, the urbane, even-tempered young man.'
  5. 'Stanley was unfailingly polite and even-tempered on the set.'
  6. 'She talked slowly, in her calm, even-tempered way.'
  7. 'The Connecticut senator, probably the most naturally even-tempered of the serious Democratic contenders, followed his campaign strategy of starkly drawing issue distinctions with his rivals.'
  8. 'He's very able, reasonable, even-tempered, doesn't get too high when things are great, doesn't get too low when things are bad, which of course you need in the Senate because there are a lot of ups and downs.'
  9. 'Clark, who has a reputation for bristling when facing criticism, maintained a smile and an even-tempered tone.'
  10. 'But it helps to have good people around you, people who are also even-tempered and stable.'



1. not easily ruffled, annoyed, or disturbed; calm.

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"people can be even-tempered."

"places can be even-tempered."

"marxisms can be even-tempered."

"individuals can be even-tempered."

"debates can be even-tempered."

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