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Ostentatiously attractive or impressive.
  1. 'The flashy car belonged to the most annoying person in the world if Lillian had any vote.'
  2. 'So next time you see a friend with a flashy car, go easy on those wild assumptions about lottery wins.'
  3. 'You know the type, the hideous old men who buy flashy cars and date women half their age?'
  4. 'He had a job, a flashy car and the money to impress a young girl.'
  5. 'Parents and children watch as people compete for big bucks, expensive holidays and flashy cars.'
  6. 'Trucks have another advantage over flashy cars: you can customise them more easily.'
  7. 'I have seen some young beggars with expensive flashy running shoes, with a quality brand name.'
  8. 'She barely noticed a flashy sports car almost run them over, until Eddie lunged forward and grabbed her body away.'
  9. 'There was a mean landlord who wore flashy clothes and banged on the door when the rent was due.'
  10. 'Kimm is a Norwegian photographer with a flashy site and good taste in cars.'


1. sparkling or brilliant, especially in a superficial way or for the moment: a flashy performance.

2. ostentatiously or vulgarly smart; showy; gaudy: flashy clothes.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be flashy for people."

"cars can be flashy."

"graphics can be flashy."

"people can be flashy."

"rings can be flashy."

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