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Made of or lined with a soft, warm fabric.
  1. 'Ian returns with a sweatshirt and sweatpants, fleecy and smelling of soap and faint cologne.'
  2. '‘You don't prepare,’ he says, as he dries off, zipping up his fleecy one-piece suit.'
  3. 'I was gasping for some air by that stage so I donned a fleecy jacket and took my wake-up coffee out to sit alongside Mr Rusty for a while.'
  4. 'It was in Glasgow, in bed, in fleecy pyjamas - and, being 11 years old, he knew he was a bit of a latecomer to the children's classic.'
  5. 'The attacker is described as a Caucasian male with pale skin, 15-18 years old, approximately six foot tall and wearing a faded dark fleecy sweater with a hood.'
  6. 'Stroller accessories such as rain, sun and wind shades and warm fleecy liners can keep your passenger toasty and dry.'
  7. 'I pulled the zipper on my fleecy jacket right up to my neck and managed perfectly well but poor Graham shivered in a t-shirt and open denim jacket.'
  8. 'I've got a big green fleecy pullover on, and I'm STILL cold.'
  9. 'I particularly like the feel of it when worn without the fleecy inner.'
  10. 'One wore a pair of sky blue trainers with white laces and one wore a grey coloured fleecy sports hooded top.'
White and fluffy-looking.
  1. 'Blue sky, fleecy white clouds, buttercup fields, babbling streams - the works.'
  2. 'Great fleecy clouds, floating across the azure sky, sent purplish shadows wandering in the valleys over which the road lay like a fragile ribbon of granite.'
  3. 'The water around the boat is like molten gold, the black hills ahead of us back lit by yellow-white light and the sky is a rhapsody of fleecy cloud in blue, pink, red, grey and orange.'
  4. 'When he emerges in an idealized landscape of verdant greens, the pristine surface of Luzu Lake mirrors the fleecy cumulus clouds and penetrating blue sky overhead.'


1. covered with, consisting of, or resembling a fleece or wool: soft, fleecy clouds.

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"tops can be fleecy."

"clouds can be fleecy."

"tripes can be fleecy."

"tracksuits can be fleecy."

"towels can be fleecy."

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