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Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average.
  1. 'she showed great potential as an actor'
  2. 'Knowing that in purely physical terms we can mix it with the best has given us a great amount of confidence and composure.'
  3. 'Her work forces the viewer to think, and above all to feel, with great intensity.'
  4. 'The organic industry is fairly new in Australia and has great potential for expansion.'
  5. 'There is no doubt that the West Coast has an immense amount of great scenery and things to do.'
  6. 'Despite a great amount of controversy at the time and efforts to keep them open, two of the town's schools closed.'
  7. 'It may be of great interest to hear something about the role of the Parish Council in this conflict.'
  8. 'In the first half we played with great rhythm and intensity which gave us some breathing space in the second half.'
  9. 'Father Jones who hosted the event in is house thanks all those who helped in any way to raise such a great amount.'
  10. 'We got a really great response with amount of entries last year as well as the turnout of people on the night.'
  11. 'He had an intensely inquisitive mind and a great interest in the natural sciences.'
  12. 'the great Victorian house'
  13. 'It is a great house but it was designed for the lifestyle of over 100 years ago.'
  14. 'The Queen Mother and King George also modernised Birkhall's great house and built a new wing.'
  15. 'Most of the world's oxygen is produced by the planctum in the great oceans.'
  16. 'It is not yet know if any spend winter south of the Sahara in some years and north of the great desert in others.'
  17. 'Last week saw a symbolic end for Clydebank, where once the great ocean liners were launched.'
  18. 'Australians have fought in all the big wars, as part of either a great empire or a grand alliance.'
  19. 'The great house was surrounded by numerous and variously shaped out-buildings.'
  20. 'The Grandmother had told her all about the great libraries that Garter housed.'
  21. 'Jeannie ends up as a servant in a great house, where various things befall her.'
  22. 'The Army had requisitioned our local great house and his regiment was stationed in it.'
  23. 'It is somewhat ironic that the last great monument of the house of Wessex was mainly a product of Norman culture.'
  24. 'Walking around the dykes we saw Brown-throated Martins flying low over the water hawking for insects, as well as Greater Striped Swallows.'
  25. 'The Great Tit has all the characters of the other Parus species and is unmistakable given its large, robust size, relatively heavy bill and domed head.'
  26. 'There are two species of dogfish in Guernsey waters, the Lesser Spotted and the Greater Spotted of Bull Huss.'
  27. 'And the lovely town of Great Malvern itself provides a step back in time to a more genteel era.'
  28. 'Although not as hustling and bustling as 100 years ago, the sea town of Great Yarmouth and its surrounding areas are still as busy with everyday life.'
  29. 'The historic Civil War Market Town of Great Torrington caters well for its inhabitants with a comprehensive range of local and national shopping, schooling and recreational facilities.'
  30. 'Merton is an outer London Borough situated in the South West of Greater London and covers an area of 9380 acres, some of which are open parklands.'
  31. 'The Greater Edinburgh area offers the perfect lodging alternative for every itinerary, from world-class hotels downtown to intimate bed and breakfast inns throughout the countryside.'
  32. 'The Bristol Brass and Wind Ensemble is a community band that rehearses in Bristol and performs in the greater Bristol area.'
Of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above average.
  1. 'great art has the power to change lives'
  2. 'I rather feel like looking at great art, and I am certainly in the right place to do that.'
  3. 'Officials say the project will give visitors a chance to view it in isolation both as a religious work and great art.'
  4. 'He then threw his great energy and ability into the co-operative movement.'
  5. 'It's not so much to produce something of great quality as to prove to yourself that you really can write a novel if you put your mind to it.'
  6. 'A great critic has the ability to make the individual voice become a collective one.'
  7. 'This is a team with great ability who will do very well if they are able to focus and work hard as they did in this game.'
  8. 'His athletic ability is so great that he can line up on either side or as a linebacker at times.'
  9. 'He may be in the twilight of his career, but he has great qualities and great skill.'
  10. 'Like great works of art or literature, they express the spirit of the age.'
  11. 'The event is just dreadful and yet the way it's recorded is great art and it leads us into a kind of paradox.'
  12. 'Peter the Great was the Russian czar who transformed Russia from an isolated agricultural society into an Empire on a par with European powers.'
  13. 'It was on May 5th in the year of 1950 that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great was crowned.'
  14. 'And now, a Russian composer is about to fulfil his dream and stage as a musical the life story of Catherine the Great, one of Russia's best-known and most colourful historical figures.'
  15. 'wouldn't it be great to have him back?'
  16. 'I would probably describe him as a scorer of great goals rather than a great goal scorer.'
  17. 'Yes of course it was a bad miss but what about the two great goals that he did score?'
  18. 'Both him and Jason, who was a great guy on and off the field, helped me a lot.'
  19. 'Kevin is a great guy but I'll think twice about inviting him to one of my parties.'
  20. 'Not only is he a great guy; he has never been slow to tell everyone how much I help him.'
  21. 'It will be a great night and an excellent venue for promoting Air Force ideals and heritage.'
  22. 'The hosts got off to a great start with a goal in the ninth minute.'
  23. 'He has a great voice, really excellent, and he's captured the attention of many a busy pub with his singing.'
  24. 'He is a great guy to have meetings with since he usually suggests having them in one of the campus cafes.'
  25. 'It was a great goal but I felt we should have cleared our lines before that.'
  26. 'she's great at French'
  27. 'Friends says she is great at playing with her son, rolling on the floor with him and making him roar with laughter.'
  28. 'He was great at going forward but not so useful in making it back to his berth.'
  29. 'She's great on dialogue, and she's got the ease of a confident and intuitive writer.'
  30. 'Trying to patient with him when he was like this was never something she was great at.'
  31. 'I'm terribly proud of her and I think she's great at her job, and being a mother.'
  32. 'I'm not great at going to get haircuts, and so have no formal hairdresser to call my own.'
  33. 'She was great at reading other people, just not so perceptive when it came to herself.'
Used before a noun to emphasize a particular description of someone or something.
  1. 'her great friend Joe'
  2. 'It was a very emotional day for him he said as Kieran was a great friend of his.'
  3. 'They have remained great friends and there is no animosity between them.'
  4. 'He was a man of great humour, wit and a great conversationalist and friend to all.'
  5. 'Yesterday one of his team mates paid tribute to a man described as a fantastic athlete and great friend.'
  6. 'He was a great fan of American football, and rarely missed the Super Bowl.'
  7. 'He was a great neighbour and friend to many and he will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.'
  8. 'Tears of joy were flowing as three great army friends were reunited after more than 50 years apart.'
  9. 'Both are great fans of The Smiths, who are widely regarded as the most important band of the 1980s.'
  10. 'As someone born in 1948 who has always been looked after by the NHS, I am a great fan of it.'
  11. 'As a great fan of porridge, I was looking forward to judging the offerings.'
  12. 'Evidence is a generic notion of great importance to many practices and enquiries.'
  13. 'The dental care of the elderly, the sick and the debilitated is a matter of great importance.'
  14. 'For many it was not a glamorous life but the work they did was of great importance.'
  15. 'He attached great importance to his university lectures and he lectured almost entirely about his own work.'
  16. 'Winning the support of the unions was of great importance to the anti-war movement.'
  17. 'Meditation is of great importance and is central to the practice of the Eightfold Path.'
  18. 'The Judge said that it was of very great importance that the Appellant had pleaded guilty.'
  19. 'The police should give great importance to this issue as they do in the case of drunken drivers.'
  20. 'The preservation of our natural and historic heritage is of very great importance to us as a nation.'
  21. 'Results also matter more the further you progress and they are of great importance when you make the first team.'
  22. 'a great big grin'
  23. 'The roads that lead you to them are essentially rubble and mud, lined with great big piles of more mud.'
  24. 'You get a great big bowl of them, plus another bowl to put the shells in, and they are cooked in this exquisite sauce.'
  25. 'How it works is that music on a station's playlist is entered in to a great big database.'
  26. 'Sometimes a great big moon comes up out of the Pacific, reflecting silver on the sea.'
  27. 'This comes in a great handy little size and is very trendy and a very good price.'
  28. 'Macy's is a great big department store chain in the United States.'
  29. 'I had to present Michael with a great big sabre to cut the cake - we had a real laugh with it.'
  30. 'All entrants are mixed up in a great big cybertombola, and the lucky winners get tickets.'
  31. 'You can tell they want you to have an image of them riding into town on either a huge black horse, or a great big motorbike.'
  32. 'I gave him a great big Yorkshire grin and looked around nervously.'
  33. '‘Will you shut up, you great twit?’'
  34. 'You have no right to order me around anymore, you great lump.'
  35. 'No one told you to move, you great lump! Stand still!'
(in names of family relationships) denoting one degree further removed upwards or downwards.
  1. 'great-great-grandfather'
  2. 'In spare yet stirring prose, she recounts the life of her great-aunt Arizona, who "was born in a log cabin her papa built. .. in the Blue Ridge Mountains."'
  3. 'My great grandfather left the area and moved to one of the great Welsh mining valleys and began working for the Cooperative Society as a butcher.'
(of two people) on very close or intimate terms.
  1. 'Michael was terrible great with Jack and he had a big shake-hands for the two of us.'


An important or distinguished person.
  1. 'the lives of the great, including Churchill and Newton'
  2. 'Like the literary greats of our time, history and politics ignite the imagination of this writer too.'
  3. 'In America she worked with the greats of jazz, people like Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.'
  4. 'In so doing, he revived hopes that he can be a worthy successor to Scottish greats Jim Watt and Ken Buchanan.'
  5. 'For almost its first century, junior football was where most Scottish football greats kick-started their career.'
  6. 'She has that effortless way with a song that only the greats have.'
  7. 'Will they be the next generation of greats, or merely additions to forgotten celebrities of yesteryear?'
  8. 'Still the legacy of the greats of the West Indian game weighs heavy.'
  9. 'Taking his cue from these greats he developed to become perhaps the busiest pianist on the London jazz scene for the past 40 years.'
  10. 'Like any boxer, even the greats like Ali, Frazier, Sugar Ray and Joe Louis, he has been physically battered in the ring.'
  11. 'She has never envied the success of country music's greats.'
  1. 'Born and brought up in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, he gained an open scholarship to Brasenose College, Oxford, in 1948, reading Greats and taking a diploma in Classical Archaeology.'
  2. 'The Oxford Greats degree is one of those many British institutions which need to be understood in historical rather than logical terms.'


Very well; excellently.
  1. 'We got along great and there was a hint of attraction.'
  2. 'I think he did great in this, it's a big film to walk into.'
  3. 'We got along great when we were dating, living together, and even MUCH better once we got married.'


1. unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions: A great fire destroyed nearly half the city.

2. large in number; numerous: Great hordes of tourists descend on Europe each summer.

3. unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity, etc.: great pain.

4. wonderful; first-rate; very good: We had a great time. That's great!

5. being such in an extreme or notable degree: great friends; a great talker.

6. notable; remarkable; exceptional

More examples(as adjective)

"damages can be great in places."

"stocks can be great against bonds."

"senses can be great in places."

"people can be great in/at/on tonights."

"mousses can be great for dryings."

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Old English grēat ‘big’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch groot and German gross.


the great and the good
great and small
a great one for
Great Scott!
to a great extent