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Be in or move into a sloping position.
  1. 'Carolyn leaned forward in her plush seat as the large house came into the view at the end of the long drive.'
  2. 'He leaned forward and pointed to a list of five names on the second page in the folder.'
  3. 'He asked me to scratch his back and I just leaned over him and put my arms round him.'
  4. 'Then he said something that was obviously really important about us two, leant in close and kissed me on the cheek.'
  5. 'After about ten minutes of this, he let his arms fall to his sides one last time and leant back against the wall of the theatre.'
  6. 'He leaned back in my arms, looked me in the eye, then put his head on my shoulder and started to purr.'
  7. 'She leaned forward onto her elbows and buried her face in her arms, weeping bitterly.'
  8. 'We leant into the smelly wind as we walked and it was strong enough to hold us up.'
  9. 'He leant back in his chair, as if he was only incidentally present in the courtroom.'
  10. 'He'd leaned in and just whispered the words in her ear, slipping the ring onto her finger.'
  11. 'a man was leaning against the wall'
  12. 'Well, in situations like this, i'll just push my hand through and grab the pole, and then look away disinterestedly as the person who is leaning on the pole turns around to look at me.'
  13. 'And the anchor of the ill-fated vessel leans against the Visitor's Centre at Port Campbell.'
  14. 'I left him leaning against this concrete support beam, getting his wind back.'
  15. 'But I think that's really only in reference to the fact my desk leans against one of the walls…'
  16. 'Just behind them a haystack rears up, a ladder leaning against the side.'
  17. 'He dismounted and strode off to a nearby tree; he leant against it and rested.'
  18. 'He was leaning against the lamp-post waiting for a friend who would help him find a place to stay.'
  19. 'A woman, a blond in a dark coat, leans against a pole and possibly cries.'
  20. 'This one woman goes and leans against the door, watching the road where the buses would come from.'
  21. 'He realised that he couldn't escape so he sat down leaning against one of the support beams.'
  22. 'But after that the smile left her face the woman just rested and leant her head against the wall.'
  23. 'She leaned her elbows on the windowsill, resting her chin in her hands.'
  24. 'I lean my elbows on the sill and look down into the city.'
  25. '‘I think I've gotten too much information tonight,’ he groaned, leaning his elbows on his knees and resting his chin in one hand.'
  26. 'One of his knees was pointed up and he leaned his face against the arm that rested upon it.'
  27. 'There's a real nice one where you can be sitting on a bale of hay and leaning your elbows on a fake barnyard fence.'
  28. 'They were all seated and Robert leaned forward, leaning his elbows on the table.'
  29. 'I sighed and leaned my arms on the railing, resting my chin in my hands.'
  30. 'When I used to cycle everywhere, I would lean my bike against the medieval wall at the back of my flat.'
  31. 'She rested her chin on her fist and leaned her elbow on her knee, staring into empty space and thinking.'


A deviation from the perpendicular; an inclination.
  1. 'Their limbs stretch out, yawning and dipping into spirals, leans and lifts.'


(of a person or animal) thin, especially healthily so; having no superfluous fat.
  1. 'The key to staying lean all over is to get enough exercise and eat healthfully.'
  2. 'This is a gorgeous lean wine in a truly subtle Burgundian style.'
  3. 'The film is lean, with no unnecessary words, actions, or shots.'
  4. 'He follows this six-day cycle year-round, which allows him to keep growing yet stay lean in the offseason.'
  5. 'However, if you're already lean, chances are you simply have muscular calves.'
  6. 'He was more lean than muscular, though not out of shape.'
  7. 'Yes, she was still lean, keen, and beautiful, yet I still knew next to nothing about her past.'
  8. 'If you are already lean but still want to be leaner, pay more attention to improving performance through optimal fueling and training.'
  9. 'He was lean and wiry, but muscled, and there was strength in him.'
  10. 'I'm lean, healthy and strong, which makes me feel so much better than any amount of junk food ever could.'
  11. 'lean bacon'
  12. 'However, if the meat is very lean or has no marinade, or if your marinade contains a lot of sugar, brush the food or grill lightly with oil to prevent sticking.'
  13. 'If you've got the time, foods such as eggs, poultry, fish, and lean cuts of red meat are excellent sources of complete protein.'
  14. 'Brush with a few drops of oil if the meat is very lean.'
  15. 'Preparing bison meat is comparable to preparing other lean meats.'
  16. 'A half cup of cooked dry beans is about the same as 1 ounce of lean meat.'
  17. 'Her own stews were so lean that the butchers used to disappear into the meatlocker when they saw her coming.'
  18. 'Choosing lean cuts of meat and trimming off the visible fat are easy ways to avoid this problem.'
  19. 'Red meat is also acceptable if you choose lean cuts and cut away or drain all visible fat.'
  20. 'Try to stay away from processed foods, eat enough fruits and vegetables, and make sure your cuts of meat are lean.'
  21. 'The lean meat was cut in slivers, arranged on crisp falafel cake, and crowned with a spoonful of tangy green-pepper relish.'
  22. 'It expects its lean business model to serve it well in a shrinking market.'
  23. 'Our skills and talents aside, we made a critical error by running the organization too lean.'
  24. 'I do have an agent, but the industry is notoriously lean.'
  25. 'He said he wants a lean organization with a ‘singular focus on infrastructure management.’'
  26. 'Tech companies are lean enough to make an earnings recovery on the slimmest uptick in demand.'
  27. 'The industry in which I am employed is currently fairly lean.'
  28. 'The company plans to hire a few more but remain lean in its early years.'
  29. 'It is a lean business, employing only eight full-time staff and keeping its costs low by outsourcing many of its activities.'
  30. 'It will duplicate many of the lean business practices.'
  31. 'He is keen to create a lean and efficient operation that will be able to expand rapidly when conditions improve.'
Offering little reward, substance, or nourishment; meagre.
  1. 'keep a small reserve to tide you over the lean years'
  2. 'When I go to see him he plays brilliantly and then has a wee lean spell but I think when you're a flair player you tend to be more inconsistent.'
  3. 'The years between 1990 and 1997 were pretty lean.'
  4. 'With a strong educational background, my future may look reasonably bright, but my present is feeling pretty lean.'
  5. 'In southern Africa we used to take every foodstuff we could lay our hands on, dry it or salt it, and stash it away for use during the lean winter months or for travel.'
  6. 'One boat had over a hundred stone and the fishermen are now poised for a break in the weather to make some decent landings and earn some much needed cash after a very lean period.'
  7. 'But he clearly feels in no hurry to rush back in the pop scene during such lean times for dance music.'
  8. 'And so the hoteliers in the city are planning to see this lean period off with festivals featuring mostly local cuisine or games.'
  9. 'In such lean times, we must search for crumbs of comfort.'
  10. 'He has less than two years to go, and even he must realise that the accomplishment list is pretty lean.'
  11. 'Spirits during a lean spell are briefly lifted with a superb 4-2 win at struggling Leeds.'
(of a vaporized fuel mixture) having a high proportion of air.
  1. 'On especially cold days, taxi with a lean mixture to help your engine warm up.'
  2. 'The difference in horsepower per cylinder is the cause of rough running at lean mixtures.'
  3. 'The down side is that the lean mixtures sacrifice peak power.'


The lean part of meat.
  1. 'Traditionally, meat with yellow fat and dark lean has been deemed a lesser quality product at the retail level.'


1. to incline or bend from a vertical position: She leaned out the window.

2. to incline, as in a particular direction; slant: The post leans to the left. The building leaned sharply before renovation.

3. to incline in feeling, opinion, action, etc.: to lean toward socialism.

4. to rest against or on something for support: to lean against a wall.

5. to depend or rely (usually followed by on or upon): some

More examples(as adjective)

"times can be lean for publishers."

"people can be lean in quarters."

"people can be lean as baccalas."

"organizations can be lean by comparisons."

"meats can be lean as currents."

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(lean)Old English hlǣne, of Germanic origin.


lean on
lean to/towards