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Relating to or characterized by the restriction of the freedom and responsibilities of subordinates or dependants in their supposed interest.
  1. 'an old-style, paternalistic employer'
  2. 'Its public health administrators have inherited many illiberal attitudes of the paternalistic bygone regime.'
  3. 'The paternalistic account supposes that the masters of mankind have their inferiors' interest at heart.'
  4. 'His study is a form of paternalistic ethnography that offers little to the more credible scholarship on Mexican-Americans.'
  5. 'Prominent firms adamantly resisted unionization, engendering the allegiances of workers through paternalistic benefit plans.'
  6. 'His economic views are rooted in the paternalistic, interventionist tradition of postwar Germany.'


1. the system, principle, or practice of managing or governing individuals, businesses, nations, etc., in the manner of a father dealing benevolently and often intrusively with his children: The employees objected to the paternalism of the old president.

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"laws can be paternalistic in senses."

"systems can be paternalistic."

"roles can be paternalistic."

"people can be paternalistic."

"attitudes can be paternalistic."

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