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Having or showing determined courage in the face of difficulties.
  1. 'Of the rest, Belgium was unlucky, despite giving a plucky performance in every game.'
  2. 'But the plucky terrier survived - and emerged as the proud mother of two healthy pups.'
  3. 'But seconds later the plucky rider had regained her composure and remounted her animal.'
  4. 'Being both a princess and plucky, she not only survived all this but grew up to become a great and resplendent Queen.'
  5. 'But the plucky youngster has now made a full recovery and is looking forward to a happy Christmas with her family.'
  6. 'The plucky pastor finally found the courage to tackle the hissing intruder.'
  7. 'Now staff at the surgery where she is being treated are trying to find a good home for the plucky pet who has already won their hearts.'
  8. 'A plucky teenager successfully sued her own dad to force him to provide for her university education.'
  9. 'Anyway, full marks for a plucky young lady, who braved this despite the fact that the water was very cold.'
  10. 'The plucky teenager managed to attend yesterday's ceremony despite being rushed into hospital earlier this week.'


1. having or showing pluck or courage; brave: The drowning swimmer was rescued by a plucky schoolboy.

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"youngsters can be plucky."

"people can be plucky."

"sides can be plucky."

"failures can be plucky."

"teams can be plucky."

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