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Having a pointed tip or end.
  1. 'Forks are also long and thin, and have little pointy bits, a bit like the Trident of Neptune, but without any of the powers.'
  2. 'One girl had brown hair and green eyes, the other had blue hair, blue eyes and pointy ears.'
  3. 'She was a very pretty woman, she had blue hair like his, but longer, and pointy ears.'
  4. 'He was all lizard green with horns and hoofed feet like a goat and wings like a bat and a long pointy tail.'
  5. 'It was one of those moments when you wish you can puncture your eardrums with a sharp pointy object and go deaf.'
  6. 'Jeans, a fashion statement all on their own, are paired this season with pointy flats.'
  7. 'They looked really big and they had big horns on their heads that looked sharp and pointy.'
  8. 'Two stiff, pointy rabbit-like ears hung out from the side of its head.'
  9. 'The hat's not quite right (they didn't do pointy ones) but the rest is fairly accurate.'
  10. 'Never again will I have to stop shooting for half an hour while some extra in row 178 has his pointy ear glued back on.'


1. having a comparatively sharp point: The elf had pointy little ears.

More examples(as adjective)

"stakes can be pointy."