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Produce (books, newspapers, etc.), especially in large quantities, by a mechanical process involving the transfer of text or designs to paper.
  1. 'The Latin Bible was the first complete book to be printed when Gutenberg introduced his new technology in the middle of the fifteenth century - and it has remained in print to this day.'
  2. 'In the past, when we printed our own newspapers, we at best reached some 10,000 readers.'
  3. 'For example, many newspapers are printed on paper consisting of over 50 per cent recycled paper; to rise to 70 per cent by 2006.'
  4. 'In its early days some books were printed on India paper, which was so fine that some volumes were reduced to half their original size.'
  5. 'It is necessary to mention that the book is printed on nature-friendly, elemental chlorine-free paper.'
  6. 'The book is printed wholly on recycled bags and paper, most of which were hand cut by Grout herself.'
  7. 'This represents astonishing progress, since colorplate books were not printed in the United States until the nineteenth century.'
  8. 'The paper on which the books were printed was flimsy and cheap, and the books sold chiefly on the strength of their garish covers.'
  9. 'We had finished printing the book and had taken it to the bindery.'
  10. 'Munro was presented with the Order of the Forest Award for her involvement in a modern movement towards books printed only on forest-friendly paper.'
  11. 'the words had been printed in dark type'
  12. 'The booklets themselves were printed in different inks, on sheets of different kinds and sizes.'
  13. 'Despite his picture being printed in newspapers and aired on national television he has remained elusive.'
  14. 'The book is printed in hardcover with an attractive layout and cover, but the illustrations are terribly muddy and unsharp.'
  15. 'I had a paper due, but I hadn't used my printer yet so I decided to test it by printing a picture.'
  16. 'Have your invitations printed in black ink which is already included in the cost.'
  17. 'The first known printed illustration poster was printed in 1491.'
  18. 'You save on the cost of film and processing, paying only for the cost of printing the pictures you actually want to use.'
  19. 'She said we should print some pictures of him for my room.'
  20. 'Interior text and images were printed in black and white.'
  21. 'Early lithographs were printed in black and white and sometimes colored by hand.'
  22. 'We cannot guarantee to print all letters received, particularly in cases of repetition.'
  23. 'The newspaper printed a brief item directing readers to the Web site to see for themselves ‘what all the fuss is about.’'
  24. 'Once a week, the newspaper prints a column responding to selected comments.'
  25. 'So the April Fool's Day story showed up as an important element in an article that was printed on the front page of the Times.'
  26. 'Most US newspapers print their stories from the two major wire services, Reuters and Associated Press.'
  27. 'Numerous articles have been printed in local newspapers.'
  28. 'These documents will probably not be very entertaining to read and few newspapers would print them in full.'
  29. 'One newspaper printed a piece under the headline ‘Death of the Butterfly.’'
  30. 'Some newspapers regularly print rumours or information without sources.'
  31. 'The day after this Sunday creation event, the city newspaper printed a full page article on the creation vs. evolution debate.'
  32. 'in 1923 he printed Yeats' ‘Biographical Fragments’'
  33. 'Publishers have rushed to print books recounting her life, lost from the national radar screen for more than 20 years.'
  34. 'Whereas manuscripts were copied in very small quantities, early books were printed in editions that averaged 250 to 1,250 copies.'
  35. 'The couple were never given official notification of the ban and were not even told when their publisher stopped printing the book at the peak of its legal sales.'
  36. 'He's been holding out for a publisher to print the book exactly as he conceived it.'
  37. 'The publishers printed what was left, so readers remained unaware that the narrator survives the shipwreck.'
  38. 'Whole Earth has been printing articles and reviewing books on permaculture for more than twenty years.'
  39. 'New technology means publishers are prepared to print books on demand.'
  40. 'After all, the publishers had made a point of printing the book completely unexpurgated, with all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors retained from the hand-written copy.'
  41. 'Panchiao's Lin family, which ran a publishing company, had earlier commissioned Lu to print some books for them.'
  42. 'To coincide with its release at the end of this month, Orion has just rushed to print the paperback of the novel, which was published last year and largely escaped the attention of the critics.'
  43. 'We discussed his patents (years earlier) on musical notation, allowing sheet music to be printed out by computers.'
  44. 'I raced to the school computer lab, printed out the two copies required, and realized I had forgotten my wallet.'
  45. 'I am printing a picture of this dessert and putting it in my wallet.'
  46. 'Very quickly I printed off what I had written and put the page into my consider pile.'
  47. 'The images created using computer were printed out and framed.'
  48. 'Sam looked down at the directions he'd printed off the Internet from her computer in the home office.'
  49. 'Though such a site would only be locally accessible and available when the electricity is on, the documents it offers could still be printed out.'
  50. 'The pictures are scanned, placed in computers, and digitally printed.'
  51. 'This report, which is marked ‘My file copy’, has clearly been printed out from the computer at a subsequent date.'
  52. 'She printed out a couple of copies of the lyrics and downloaded a copy of The Voice Within.'
  53. 'any make of film can be developed and printed'
  54. 'Because they could be printed from a negative, cartes de visite could be mass produced, unlike most earlier photographic processes.'
  55. 'The photographs have been printed from a collection of lost negatives that were found by collector John Bosko.'
Write (text) clearly without joining the letters together.
  1. 'The donation should be printed clearly on the back of the card or pack, and can be as little as 5p per packet.'
  2. 'Finally we reached a door with the words ‘Headmaster's office’ written in bold letters printed on it.'
  3. 'She shrugged helplessly at him as she pulled on the guy's coat but stopped short when she read the name boldly printed in curving letters: Brad.'
  4. 'This second letter was printed in a regular font, as if it were taken from a plain-text file.'
  5. 'The word ‘Civilian’ was printed in large letters on a cardboard tag, tied to its handle.'
  6. 'Gary Jefferson's name was printed on the door, which was across the hall from them just as soon as he and Manda stepped out of the elevator.'
  7. 'I printed MEG PICKARD clearly, and handed her the form.'
  8. 'Each letter of the text is printed in a separate block, and the blocks are arranged in a rectangular grid of 11 columns and 18 rows.'
  9. 'There, Gobber printed the text in plain red capital letters on a white backdrop, evoking nothing so much as a grocery window sign advertising the price of produce.'
Mark (a surface, typically a fabric or garment) with a coloured design or pattern.
  1. 'The glass is printed with patterns giving it an animalesque quality.'
  2. 'Choose decorative pillows that are printed with enriched brights; blues and yellows, orange and greens.'
  3. 'Traditional fabrics were block printed with geometric designs.'
  4. 'The designs are printed with waterless printing technology, so no water is polluted in the process.'
  5. 'The soft fold of a necktie printed with a bookshelf pattern makes the structure appear to be toppling.'
  6. 'Each piece is neatly framed with fabric printed with horses and superheroes, like children's bed sheets.'
  7. 'Their pearly surfaces are printed with his handwritten texts and his drawing of a bird in flight.'
  8. 'The postage labels will be printed with four different designs in consecutive order in a roll.'
  9. 'From the adjacent car park the facade reads as a panelled surface printed with a complex pattern.'
  10. 'Like paper notes, plastic ones can be printed with intricate background patterns, and can incorporate watermarks and security threads.'
  11. 'In all her travels she collected souvenirs of varied taste and quality, but one can't fault the good fabric of these towels, even if they are printed with highlights of Tasmania.'
  12. 'Another combination mat/pressing board has a grid, bias lines and circles printed on the pressing surface.'
  13. 'Sharon Young's ‘Forgotten Tribes’ uses American Indian imagery printed onto fleece and cotton snow boarding wear.'
  14. 'He disappeared into the bathroom, and reappeared ten minutes later in a black T-shirt and a favorite pair of shorts that had palm trees printed all over them.'
  15. 'Lasting as long as normal nail varnish, the NailJet Pro can print photographs or any other high resolution design and it can print a different design on every fingernail.'
  16. 'The designs made by eight students from the Bishop Cotton Girls' School were chosen for printing as greeting cards, of the 15 designs that were selected.'
  17. 'The clothing is more geared towards wholesalers and companies who want to print designs on the shirts and resell them.'
  18. 'The ‘moths’ were triangular pieces of waterproof card with specific patterns printed on them.'
  19. 'Okay, so this pattern is printed onto paper, or newspaper, or shown on your monitor.'
  20. 'The icing is printed with leaves, and the sugar ribbons are hand-painted, giving them the look of shiny ribbon.'
  21. 'The cookies are printed with an edible food coloring sugar paper that is glazed onto a vanilla iced cookie.'
  22. 'Her forehead was swelling red, with the Frisbee's mark printed on it.'
  23. 'his face was printed on her memory'
  24. 'The decorative layer is printed on this coating.'
  25. 'Both pieces have been in my collection a good few years now and have lasted for very many plays that have printed them indelibly on my mind.'

More definitions

1. to produce (a text, picture, etc.) by applying inked types, plates, blocks, or the like, to paper or other material either by direct pressure or indirectly by offsetting an image onto an intermediate roller.

2. to reproduce (a design or pattern) by engraving on a plate or block.

3. to form a design or pattern upon, as by stamping with an engraved plate or block: to print calico.

4. to cause (a manuscript, text, etc.) to be published in print.

5. to write in let

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"people can be printed on people."

"opinions can be printed down to things."

"opinions can be printed down to parties."

"fists can be printed on people."

"bases can be printed in letters."

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