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(especially of a framework or system) enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality.
  1. 'I'll be picky till my fingers bleed if it succeeds even in splintering the boards of the Procrustean bed our culture puts most women in.'
  2. 'Yet the ancient paradigm of an empire was created east and west by peoples with a naively ethnocentric, Procrustean picture of the global community.'
  3. 'The state became an instrument for the promotion of Hindutva, and the obdurate nation was sought to be trimmed, in Procrustean fashion, to disenfranchise those who did not subscribe to such a conception of culture.'
  4. 'Nor do I think it's terribly difficult to nail down these two grand natural-law religious principles to the Procrustean bed of reality dealt with by government day to day.'
  5. 'Rescue me from my Procrustean bed, trellised behind bean futures & nuclear fallout.'
  6. 'The costumes, in other words, act as Procrustean beds, amputating those pesky limbs of anthropological knowledge that flop outside their predetermined grids.'
  7. 'Not so very different, after all, from the fundamentalists back home who are forever devising Procrustean means to arrive at unitary cultural identities.'
  8. 'In fact, those very establishments and many more like them make up the enormous retail Procrustean bed we are so often made to lie in when we set out in search of food, clothing, equipment, diversion or just about anything.'
  9. 'On a ‘minimalist’ strategy this would mean either not responding to such requests, or forcing the police response into a Procrustean bed of legalism untempered by discretion.'
  10. 'Couto's book originates in the need to explain an identity that eludes the Procrustean dogmas of language, region, even religion.'


1. pertaining to or suggestive of Procrustes.

2. (often lowercase) tending to produce conformity by violent or arbitrary means.

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"rules can be procrustean."

"models can be procrustean."

"machineries can be procrustean."

"forms can be procrustean."

"drives can be procrustean."

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(Procrustean)Mid 19th century: from the name Procrustes + -an.