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Easily made angry.
  1. 'she was a quick-tempered woman'
  2. 'Questions included whether study participants considered themselves quick-tempered or whether they felt like hitting someone when they got angry.'
  3. 'Of course, we have fights, but he is genuinely quick-tempered so it's over before it's begun.'
  4. 'At the beginning of the play, we see Lear as a proud, vain, quick-tempered old king, not necessarily evil, but certainly not good.'
  5. 'Though critics saw him as quick-tempered, harsh, abrupt, and arbitrary, practically everyone recognized his genius as a chief of staff.'
  6. 'Here we meet a feisty, diminutive, quick-tempered Paul that few of us would gladly welcome in the seat next to us on a long airplane flight.'
  7. 'Although Su is a quick-tempered person, he targets the problem itself, not the people who created it.'
  8. 'We aren't talking about his usual surly demeanour, quick-tempered nature, or impromptu tours to folks lounging around in shelters.'
  9. 'He is self-important, quick-tempered, duplicitous and vicious.'
  10. 'A quick-tempered man will react more aggressively to an unpleasing situation than a placid one.'
  11. 'A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.'



1. easily angered.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be quick-tempered in ways."

"people can be quick-tempered as mothers."

"people can be quick-tempered."

"ministers can be quick-tempered."