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Very hot.
  1. 'Accept the conditions - even if it's scorching sunshine or a really steep or rocky stretch.'
  2. 'Her face was scorching and she could not look at him.'
  3. 'It was one of the better-looking days, sunny, but not scorching.'
  4. 'Around me, frustrated passengers began to speculate about the city overheating in scorching temperatures.'
  5. 'Men in khaki did not complain about the scorching sun or the mirthful crowd.'
  6. 'People, from kiddies to oldies, received the recreation despite the scorching sun.'
  7. 'I had to leave it running for a minute or two until it was scorching hot.'
  8. 'Almost immediately, his calf swelled up, and the skin covering it grew scorching hot.'
  9. 'Normal people could only survive travel on the planet during dusk and dawn, when the temperature was neither freezing nor scorching.'
  10. 'One of the defining characteristics of the Malaysian Grand Prix is the scorching heat.'
  11. 'she set a scorching pace'
  12. 'Profit growth had slowed from 2004's scorching pace.'
  13. 'The band were in top form as they flew through the night's scorching 65-minute, 11-song set.'
  14. 'He got the innings going at a scorching pace.'


1. burning; very hot.

2. caustic or scathing: a scorching denunciation.

More examples(as adjective)

"heats can be scorching."

"suns can be scorching."

"rallies can be scorching."

"gains can be scorching."

"debuts can be scorching."

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