Adjective "Spick-And-Span" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Neat, clean, and well looked after.
  1. 'Interior of Plunkett Railway Station: ‘In spite of this busy site's outmoded appearance, staff had kept it spick and span and litter-free.’'
  2. 'I mean, I cleaned it daily, made sure everything was spick and span.'
  3. 'The streets around the inner harbour are so spick and span that you feel you could eat your pancakes and maple syrup off them.'
  4. 'When people see a vintage car driving on the road, few realise the years of work that keep it so spick and span.'
  5. 'The Mounted Police should ride a clean cut and flat planed horse in keeping with the general spick and span appearance of their riders.'
  6. 'On Monday morning the Tidy Towns volunteers were out picking up litter and keeping the area near the Town Hall spic and span.'
  7. 'Even though he had cleaned the bathroom spick and span just now, it was still not enough for redemption!'
  8. 'The park's 25 staff, most of them seasonal, have been busy in the past few weeks ensuring the park is spick and span for the influx of visitors.'
  9. 'It's hoped that all residents will make an extra effort to have the village spick and span for Christmas.'
  10. 'Julian is so mad about vacs that he volunteers to clean up at his after-school club and always keeps the carpets spick and span at home.'



1. spotlessly clean and neat: a spick-and-span kitchen.

2. perfectly new; fresh.


3. in a spick-and-span manner.


(spick-and-span)Late 16th century (in the sense ‘brand new’): from spick and span new, emphatic extension of dialect span new, from Old Norse spán-nýr, from spánn ‘chip’ + nýr ‘new’; spick influenced by Dutch spiksplinternieuw, literally ‘splinter new’.