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Determined to do as one wants even if other people advise against it.
  1. 'Part of her problem, she concedes, is that she's " not very strong-willed ".'
  2. 'Bringing in two or three strong-willed players who would not submit to the losing atmosphere would be one place to start.'
  3. 'Typically strong-willed, Tom and Mary enjoyed the support of their loyal customers through what was a trying time.'
  4. 'Kandice is a strong-willed child who before then had seldom showed emotion, even when I would punish her.'
  5. 'Anyone, no matter how strong-willed or educated will, to some extent, succumb to these mind control techniques.'
  6. 'My aunt was a prudent, graceful and strong-willed woman.'
  7. 'Her strong-willed nature came from deep thinking and drawing her own conclusions.'
  8. 'I have to stay strong-willed, say my prayers and hope for the best.'
  9. 'Usually I wouldn't listen because I'm very strong-willed and I like to bully him.'
  10. 'Even back then, the relationship between the two strong-willed men was clearly disintegrating.'



1. having a powerful will; resolute.

2. stubborn; obstinate.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be strong-willed as rabbits."

"people can be strong-willed."

"executives can be strong-willed."

"ministers can be strong-willed."

"managers can be strong-willed."

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