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cardinal number

An extremely large number of people or things.
  1. 'We are all surrounded by zillions of bacteria, fungi, worms, insects and predators out looking for an easy meal.'
  2. 'My tastes wandered in different directions, but Peel somehow kept up his enthusiasm for zillions of British rock bands until the end.'
  3. 'I don't feel I'm ready to take this big step yet, but I know it would save me zillions of dollars by doing so.'
  4. 'They make zillions of dollars and this seems like a sly way to get more.'
  5. 'He inflicted the aural atrocity that is ‘The Frog's Chorus’ on zillions of unprotected eardrums.'
  6. 'There are zillions of people - not zillions, millions and millions of people in this country who know exactly what's going on.'
  7. 'A few quick mathematical calculations will show that there's heaps, piles, zillions more places where conditions like this exist in Space than on a planet's surface.'
  8. 'But now, we have moved from producing billions of pictures to zillions of pictures.'
  9. 'I'm trying to do, like, a zillion pelvic floor exercises a day.'
  10. 'How would one begin to imagine the excitement of checking those zillions of numbers and addresses?'

More definitions

noun, plural zillions (as after a numeral) zillion.

1. an extremely large, indeterminate number.


2. of, relating to, or amounting to a zillion.


(zillion)1940s: from Z (perhaps as a symbol of an unknown quantity) + million.