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Fitting in with someone's wishes or demands in a helpful way.
  1. 'I have to say that the hotel management was very accommodating, allowing us to put our muddy bikes inside for safe-keeping and not an eyebrow was raised at our dishevelled appearance.'
  2. 'He's a pleasant and accommodating fellow to reporters, and he has a great sense of humor.'
  3. 'He was very accommodating and pleasant; up until the moment talk turned to the British press.'
  4. 'He was very accommodating and after 10 minutes returned with my cooked steak looking like it was a complete new meal with all the fancy trimmings of snow pea sprouts, cherry tomatoes and mushroom sauce.'
  5. 'A 28-year-old woman from Nigeria, who has spent the last two years living in Tralee, said she enjoys living in Kerry as the people are very accommodating and friendly.'
  6. 'This town has been very accommodating and has more than fulfilled its obligations,’ he said.'
  7. 'He was a generous and accommodating host.'
  8. 'Luckily for me, the parasailing company was very accommodating when I explained the situation, and they allowed me to reschedule once without any penalty.'
  9. 'Even the most accommodating of employers would balk at such demands.'
  10. 'By the time I got to my confirmation hearing, all of the tough questions had been asked, and the senators were relatively gentle and friendly and very accommodating.'


1. easy to deal with; eager to help or please; obliging.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be accommodating to brothers."

"people can be accommodating in things."

"entrants can be accommodating to policies."

"aspirants can be accommodating."

"people can be accommodating."

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