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  1. 'The approach was accommodative and reconciliatory.'
  2. 'The Federal Reserve said in a statement that its monetary policy ‘remains accommodative,’ suggesting that it would raise the rate further.'
  3. 'Thus the Fed, far from maintaining its accommodative mode, is poised to raise rates at the end of this month.'
  4. 'I know I have to be very natural and accommodative and appeal to the interviewee as a commoner and not a film star’.'
  5. '‘The stance of monetary policy remains accommodative and conditions in financial markets appear supportive of an increased pace of activity,’ he said.'
  6. 'THE FED HAS TAKEN POLICY from restrictive to accommodative in less than five months, providing stimulus that will begin to hit the economy this fall, not to mention the coming impact from tax cuts.'
  7. 'Now that the employment numbers show a decisive upward move and we need no longer maintain a policy stance designed to counter deflation, the worry is that interest rate policy is too accommodative and that the economy needs to slow.'
  8. 'Earlier on Sunday, US Treasury Secretary John Snow called on Europe to adopt ‘more accommodative monetary and fiscal policies‘.'
  9. 'Markets are coming to grips with the fact that accommodative US monetary policy has not only helped produce a solid recovery but has rekindled inflation, he said.'
  10. 'And Alan Greenspan is extremely accommodative.'


1. tending to accommodate; adaptive.

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"operations can be accommodative on dates."

"stances can be accommodative."

"operations can be accommodative."

"policies can be accommodative."

"moves can be accommodative."

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