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Relating to, using, or denoting lenses that transmit light without separating it into constituent colours.
  1. 'a lens of achromatic construction'
  2. 'The modern achromatic compound microscope was invented in 1878, and it was this instrument that added the extra dimension of the microscopic study of tissues to anatomical teaching.'
  3. 'The system had to be achromatic and diffraction limited for two specific wavelengths spaced about 35 nm apart.'
  4. 'The 'Barlow lens', a modification of this telescope lens, is a negative achromatic combination of flint glass and crown glass.'
Without colour.
  1. 'Random branches hung aimlessly above her head and the neighbors' rose bushes stretched thinly across their metal fence like an achromatic spider web.'
  2. 'This stark and achromatic poem is a world away from the graceful and well-tuned lyrics with which Campbell began his career.'
  3. 'Hints of desaturated color threaten the pure achromatic palette.'

More definitions

1. Optics. free from color. able to emit, transmit, or receive light without separating it into colors.

2. Biology. (of a cell structure) difficult to stain.

3. Music. without accidentals or changes in key.

More examples(as adjective)

"patents can be achromatic."

"microscopes can be achromatic."

"glooms can be achromatic."


Late 18th century: via French from Greek a- ‘without’ + khrōmatikos (from khrōma ‘colour’).