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Excessively interested in acquiring money or material things.
  1. 'The red flags of criminal money-making differ from those thrown up by terrorist money-making, because the first shows exploitation of the financial system for acquisitive ends.'
  2. 'Greedy and acquisitive, he set his sights on this land in order to carve out a feudal domain for himself.'
  3. 'In this grotesquely acquisitive society, all cultural markers are subject to violent revision as the inhabitants seek to fulfil their various appetites.'
  4. 'Professionals seemed as greedy and acquisitive as any other group of workers.'
  5. 'People in most of the industrialized nations, especially the USA, are regarded as members of the so-called affluent society or the acquisitive society.'
  6. 'But the acquisitive instinct fostered by capitalism would come to subvert the moral basis that initially allowed the system to flourish.'
  7. 'Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, my tastebuds had changed their mind and started eyeing my Timothy's scrambled eggs in an acquisitive manner.'
  8. 'People charged with so-called acquisitive crime - such as burglary and theft from vehicles so they can buy drugs - are tested in two custody suites for heroin and cocaine use.'
  9. 'The old-fashioned notion of only buying what you could afford has long since lost its attraction in today's more acquisitive society, in which instant gratification is the thing.'
  10. 'United's determination to avoid debt made it devastatingly attractive to acquisitive entrepreneurs, but wondering how to expand its revenue was the problem.'

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1. tending or seeking to acquire and own, often greedily; eager to get wealth, possessions, etc.: our acquisitive impulses; acquisitive societies.

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"rulers can be acquisitive in terms."

"people can be acquisitive as birds."

"people can be acquisitive."

"groups can be acquisitive."

"banks can be acquisitive."

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Mid 19th century: from French acquisitif, -ive, from late Latin acquisitivus. from Latin acquisit- ‘acquired’, from the verb acquirere (see acquire).