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The art or occupation of performing fictional roles in plays, films, or television.
  1. 'I'd prefer him not to go into acting as it's such an insecure business'
  2. 'Some movies you watch for world-class acting, powerful drama, and a terrific screenplay.'
  3. 'But, acting, good acting, is as difficult to describe in words as music.'
  4. 'The acting in the film is as predictable as the various denouements.'
  5. 'It has been a while since I've seen a film with such superb acting, and what a breath of fresh air it was.'
  6. 'She came to playwriting by way of acting, a career she began at age six when she appeared in a commercial for Nabisco cookies.'
  7. 'With no rewards in the writing, the cinematography, and dismal acting, that's asking way too much.'
  8. 'The acting, as is usually the case with a Spielberg film, is top-notch.'
  9. 'We talked a lot about Fifties-style acting, especially Montgomery Clift.'
  10. 'From the wonderful acting to the beautiful cinematography, the movie is as flawless as anything I've seen in recent memory.'
  11. 'Upon my second viewing, I discovered a sweet film with exceptional acting.'


Temporarily doing the duties of another person.
  1. 'Dr. Rohrbaugh joined the OTT in May 2001 as deputy director and has served as acting director since September 2001.'
  2. 'However, he will remain on leave until then, with college registrar Vincent McCarthy continuing as acting director until a new appointment is made.'
  3. 'It was his duty as acting sheriff until his brother was back to protect her.'
  4. 'Mr. Paulison, who is the acting director of FEMA, is with me.'
  5. 'And all those leaders including the acting director for FEMA who was there also, met with the president.'
  6. 'But Flanagan already has a new team lined up, with George Watt, Hughes's second in command, installed as acting finance director.'
  7. 'A police spokesman said he resigned on February 8 and that his number two, David Shefneux, head of finance, became acting finance director the next day.'
  8. 'The acting director of public health, Tessa Greally, wrote to local doctors on November 2 asking them to be on the alert for the illness.'
  9. 'Marlene Russo is the acting director of the university's human rights office, which administers the harassment policy.'
  10. 'The writer is the acting director for UN economic development and environmental affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.'

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1. serving temporarily, especially as a substitute during another's absence; not permanent; temporary: the acting mayor.

2. designed, adapted, or suitable for stage performance.

3. provided with detailed stage directions for the performer: an acting version of a play. noun

4. the art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, motion pictures, etc.

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"people can be acting in prices."

"people can be acting in eyres."

"people can be acting for people."

"people can be acting as advisors."

"ministers can be acting."

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