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Engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.
  1. 'And we thought what we'd try and do is use children's interest in the Internet and in computers as a strategy to get them more physically active.'
  2. 'Chuck Feeney is described by those who've met him as an active, vigorous man with the athletic physique of a former runner.'
  3. 'Researchers are seeking 15 women aged 18-35, who are physically active and are on the pill.'
  4. 'I get quite depressed in the winter if I don't stay very physically active.'
  5. 'For example, the current guidelines include stronger recommendations about the need to be physically active.'
  6. 'Accounts of his death differ, but all agree that he was physically and mentally active to the end.'
  7. 'Being physically active also helps, a morning run, ride or swim really gets those feel good hormones pumping and keeps those cortisol levels down.'
  8. 'Anyone who is physically active can tell us how important it is to eat and sleep well, as well as not pushing our bodies too far.'
  9. 'Despite predictions of almost unbounded mobility, most people in industrialised nations are less physically active than ever before.'
  10. 'In short, we were broke, and we had lost perhaps 90% of our most vigorous and active young men.'
  11. 'I couldn't feel the baby moving, and it was normally very active'
  12. 'If the defense is active and moves from one side of the offense to the other quickly, it can be confusing to the offensive players teammates.'
  13. 'They are an active predator feeding mainly on whitefish such as whiting, codling and haddock, also small rays, flatfish, dogfish and even scallops and crabs.'
  14. 'I also noticed that pike were fairly active taking the odd fish off of the hook.'
  15. 'S / he is a good size, vigorously active, has all the relevant bits and bobs, and is doing just fine.'
  16. 'Others are active hunters, preying on the ocean floor and crushing food with blunt flattened teeth.'
  17. 'Once again the Dukes were on active service and they soon distinguished themselves by vigorous and active patrolling the line.'
  18. 'Modern day Hollywood is a diverse, vital, and active community striving to preserve the elegant buildings from its past.'
  19. 'Sure there's a lot of computer games, but there's plenty of active pursuits going on after school too.'
  20. 'He has an active social life, and snowboards and plays representation level soccer.'
  21. 'The Jobs Club has been very active and busy since it got up and running at the beginning of the year.'
  22. 'Caroline is tired, lonely and depressed even as she leads a fake, but highly active, social life.'
  23. 'It didn't make sense for the active lifestyle of a busy family with working parents and two teenage children.'
  24. 'Mom had a very active social life, despite her age, and she played tennis twice a week, plus being a member of about four different committees.'
  25. 'I'm just a social drinker with a really active social calendar.'
  26. 'Steven encourages an active social scene with evening out paint-balling, bowling and karting all paid for by the company.'
  27. 'I have a very active social life. I have better friends than most.'
  28. 'Caroline nodded slowly, her active mind already racing ahead'
  29. 'Isn't it great, how kids can amuse themselves with nothing more than a climbable tree and an active imagination?'
  30. 'Sixty-nine percent of them were using the Internet regularly, and they had very active minds.'
  31. 'Is it accurate to say that children have active imaginations?'
  32. 'My friend also had something most of these heirs don't: a vital and active mind.'
  33. 'Therefore, the reader's active mind will in a way determine his understanding of the novel.'
  34. 'The beauty of Humphrey's work is that his mind is active on so many levels at once.'
  35. 'Inside of the child, emotions stirred and the mind was incredibly active.'
  36. 'I must admit, I do find running relaxing on a daily basis, but my mind is still active.'
  37. 'Now we know what had been churning in his doubtless active mind.'
  38. 'Standing silently in a silent room when you're low on caffine and have had less than 6 hours sleep requires an active imagination.'
Pursuing an occupation or activity at a particular place or in a particular way.
  1. 'tigers are active mainly at night'
  2. 'sexually active teenagers'
  3. 'Spring is when many songbirds are most active, busy competing for mates, establishing breeding pairs, setting up territories.'
  4. '‘Shoplifters are certainly more active during Christmas,’ a spokesperson said.'
  5. 'Bass sulking amid summer heat sense the change and big fish become more active.'
  6. 'It is thought losses reflect a period in early mammalian history in which mammals were active mainly at night.'
  7. 'The lack of knowledge stemmed from the fact that cats are active mainly at night and almost impossible to see in the dense vegetation where they usually live.'
  8. 'Many species of hawkmoth are active at dawn and dusk when the colour of light changes considerably.'
  9. 'His brother, Geer van Velde (1898 - 1977), was also a painter and likewise active mainly in France.'
  10. 'His revisionist interpretation of the Renaissance had an electrifying effect on other French scholars active during the last decade of the nineteenth century.'
  11. 'The Feather finfish resembling a bat is active at night.'
  12. 'These are those who live in the areas where the fighters are active.'
  13. 'he had never been very active in the affairs of the institute'
  14. 'I would like to think such is not the case either, as I have been politically active and have engaged with my community in many ways outside of my university life.'
  15. 'The man has been pretty active on the social front.'
  16. '‘Teens are becoming sexually active before they're ready,’ reads another result.'
  17. 'The order has a large urban base, and its educated members are particularly politically active.'
  18. 'Women, at least in the economic sphere, are as active as men, while the latter also exercise domination in the private sphere.'
  19. 'More than seven in 10 who had not had sex came from a family where parents were married to each other, compared with only half of the teenagers who were sexually active.'
  20. 'About half of all Americans age 60 and older are sexually active, according to the National Council on Aging.'
  21. 'About a quarter were sexually active before participating in the Wise Guys program.'
  22. 'The children of this class who are now in their early twenties remember little or nothing of Soviet privation and are active on the nightlife social scene.'
  23. 'But with more than a quarter of young people being sexually active before they reach the age of 16, this is the age group least likely to use contraception.'
  24. 'The project required the students to become active participants in the course.'
(of a thing) working; operative.
  1. 'He has also noted that about half the cases this year occurred during active hostilities or combat operations in the Persian Gulf.'
  2. 'The B-52Bs replaced the 95th's B-36s and the unit was active until 1966 when its aircraft were flown to Davis-Morithan for storage and scrapping.'
  3. 'I seem to remember some research that showed that different areas of the brain are active when you use the mouse and the keyboard.'
  4. 'The yard remained active until 1957, when a fire destroyed the thatched barn and cattle yards, leaving the existing buildings.'
  5. 'The site, however, remained active until the end of last week.'
  6. 'Rush trained as a ship carver and operated an active workshop for more than fifty years.'
  7. 'Link not active yet until he posts another entry so look for the post made on Friday, 23rd May.'
  8. 'The Army must continually examine how it will integrate contractors into units during active operations.'
  9. 'And, frankly, we saw what happened once active operations got under way.'
  10. 'Rational strengths of force groupings for the employment in the zone of active combat operations can be substantiated by two methods.'
  11. 'the receiver is continuously active whenever the vehicle ignition is switched on'
  12. 'Each of the associated heater resistors has associated active circuitry on the chip.'
  13. 'Such QD devices can be integrated into the photonic crystals that will be used as active optical router circuits.'
  14. 'the volcano became active on 28 March last year'
  15. 'Mount St. Helens has been an active volcano for about 40,000 years with intermittent periods of dormancy.'
  16. 'Deception Island is a historically active volcano with the last eruptions about 30 years ago.'
  17. 'Some of the best rice-growing regions of Indonesia are in the shadow of active volcanoes.'
  18. 'Two percent of elderly with latent infections develop active tuberculosis.'
  19. 'For example, the clinician may want to know if the disease is active, or which organs might be involved.'
  20. 'The differential diagnosis from chronic active hepatitis may present some difficult problems.'
  21. 'They then perform a crude screening of the organisms to determine if they contain novel chemicals that are biologically active.'
  22. 'The anoxia probably prevented active and continuous bioturbation of the sediment.'
  23. 'But apparently they must list the reported side effects to any of the active ingredients in the medicine.'
  24. 'But up until now, the active ingredient of the drug, oseltamivir, is found in a plant, the star anise.'
  25. 'Boron converts Vitamin D into its active form thus participating in the calcium absorption process.'
Denoting a voice of verbs in which the subject is typically the person or thing performing the action and which can take a direct object (e.g. she loved him as opposed to the passive form he was loved).
  1. 'Military vision documents are written in the active voice, with strong verbs and modifiers.'
  2. 'Be ruthless with clutter, write in the active voice, place each idea into a sentence of its own, and lastly, get your punctuation right.'


An active form of a verb.
  1. 'Then there were yet more inflections of verbs, passives alongside actives, subjunctives alongside indicatives, imperatives, present and past participles, gerunds and gerundives.'

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1. engaged in action; characterized by energetic work, participation, etc.; busy: an active life.

2. being in a state of existence, progress, or motion: active hostilities.

3. involving physical effort and action: active sports.

4. having the power of quick motion; nimble: active as a gazelle.

5. characterized by action, motion, volume, use, participation, etc.: an active market in wheat; an active list of subscribers.

6. causing activity or change; capable of exer

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"dates can be active in areas."

"people can be active in weeks."

"dates can be active in/at/on dates."

"organizations can be active in places."

"people can be active in places."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘preferring action to contemplation’): from Latin activus, from act- ‘done’, from the verb agere.