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Make (a machine or device) operate.
  1. 'The valves are actuated via drag arms from twin, contra-rotating camshafts.'
  2. 'He chopped the left throttle to the off position, actuated the left engine fire button, and turned the left engine master switch off.'
  3. 'Would you believe the switch was actuated by lifting up the horn button!'
  4. 'These are further split into two circuits, each of which owns or shares responsibilities for actuating flight controls and operating other hydraulic components.'
  5. 'This circuit prevents the operator from actuating the tool except when both hands are on the throttle levers.'
  6. 'Finally, the device driver for the appropriate device translates the commands to analog signals that actuate the device.'
  7. 'The moving cantilever can actuate another device or move a cam or wheel to generate rotary motion.'
  8. 'As the engine was lowered, the lanyard had actuated a valve that drove the hoist to its stowed position.'
  9. 'Because the pushrod doesn't actuate the valve, no combustion takes place.'
  10. 'When we actuated the gear lever, only the right main gear went down and locked into position.'
Make (someone) act in a particular way; motivate.
  1. 'Concurrent with these changes, we are witnessing a fundamental examination of what underlies and actuates the character of who we are as intelligence professionals.'
  2. 'Could a jury properly directed, and seeking dutifully to comply with the relevant directions, conscientiously reach a conclusion that the applicants were actuated by malice or not?'
  3. 'Nevertheless if the claimant proves that the defendant was actuated by malice this defence will fail.'
  4. 'Fitzwood's case is that when the trustee made its decision… it was actuated by malice -'
  5. 'That he served with Kennedy's example in mind indicates he was actuated more by self-aggrandisement than altruism.'
  6. 'My chums weren't actuated by a desire to impose some superior code of behaviour on others; their motivation was purely selfish.'
  7. 'Twenty percent of the damages were found to be attributable to the laying of the charges for which no damages were recoverable because of the findings the defendants' conduct was not actuated by malice.'
  8. 'Proof by the claimant that the defendant was actuated by express malice removes the privilege.'

More definitions

1. to incite or move to action; impel; motivate: actuated by selfish motives.

2. to put into action; start a process; turn on: to actuate a machine.

More examples(as adjective)

"devices can be actuating."

"buttons can be actuating."


(actuate)Late 16th century: from medieval Latin actuat- ‘carried out, caused to operate’, from the verb actuare, from Latin actus (see act). The original sense was ‘carry out in practice’, later ‘stir into activity, enliven’; actuate (sense 1) dates from the mid 17th century.