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Arousing or deserving respect and approval.
  1. 'After this admirable book, the reader can return to listening to Strauss with added enjoyment.'
  2. 'One admirable attempt to this end has been that of the British Government.'
  3. 'There is something admirable about her toughness - it's gutsy rather than selfish.'
  4. 'I laid out all that I find admirable in a working mixed-economy social democracy.'
  5. 'She clearly had to struggle to force herself on at times; and that, in my opinion, is admirable.'
  6. 'They were vulnerable and needed special care and I have no doubt that much of what you did for them was admirable.'
  7. 'Everyone agreed that Bryan Singer had done an admirable job in bringing the Marvel comic to the screen.'
  8. 'This will make an admirable temporary fence and I will have various uses for the mesh once it has done the job on the fence.'
  9. 'It is admirable that she has made her opinion known regardless of what the implications may be.'
  10. 'Celibacy is something many have to face for various good, sometimes admirable, reasons.'

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1. worthy of admiration; inspiring approval, reverence, or affection.

2. excellent; first-rate.

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"techniques can be admirable in things."

"proposals can be admirable in theories."

"people can be admirable on natures."

"people can be admirable on glanderses."

"people can be admirable in ways."

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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin admirabilis ‘to be wondered at’, from admirari (see admire).