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Touching the emotions; moving.
  1. 'But in general, this is a strong, thought-provoking piece of writing and an impressive, affecting performance.'
  2. 'In this handsome new collection, the band shows it is justly proud of one of the least affected, most affecting voices around.'
  3. 'Both novels are perfectly enjoyable, if somewhat flawed in places, and both novelists show sufficient talent and invention to produce further, hopefully more polished and affecting works.'
  4. 'There are some affecting moments at the start of the story.'
  5. 'The few truly affecting moments are overwhelmed by the embarrassing cheese.'
  6. 'This is a lovingly told story of redemption and familial love, but recounted at such close range that every success or failure in this family becomes acutely affecting.'
  7. 'The two deliver strong, affecting performances.'
  8. 'The most affecting scenes in the novel are those depicting the decimation wrought by this plague-like contagion.'
  9. 'Still, you'd be hard-pressed to find a fresher, more affecting show in the city this summer.'
  10. 'His art at its most affecting projects a harrowing instability.'


1. moving or exciting the feelings or emotions.

More examples(as adjective)

"trios can be affecting for simplicities."

"finances can be affecting."

"exports can be affecting."

"contracts can be affecting."

"prices can be affecting."

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