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Relating to moods, feelings, and attitudes.
  1. 'It was designed to measure both affective and evaluative components of attitudes toward one's current job.'
  2. 'There was also a low prevalence of affective disorders in the violent group.'
  3. 'A therapeutic range has not been established for valproic acid in affective disorders.'
  4. 'Episodes of psychosis recurring each autumn sounds like an extreme version of seasonal affective disorder.'
  5. 'No change in affective illness morbidity was observed in the group where the lithium dose was not altered.'


1. of, caused by, or expressing emotion or feeling; emotional.

2. causing emotion or feeling.

More examples(as adjective)

"disorders can be affective."

"psychosises can be affective."

"responses can be affective."

"aspects can be affective."

"domains can be affective."

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Late Middle English: via French from late Latin affectivus, from afficere (see affect).