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Of a satisfactory or acceptable quality.
  1. 'The picture quality is all right, though the image looks soft.'
  2. 'The dinner was all right, but it was a long trip to make.'
  3. 'The mother is going to be all right, physically.'
  4. 'She made sure she looked all right and then she walked downstairs, not knowing later that she would regret not looking in a mirror first.'
  5. '‘When I did my leg, Duffs said that I'd be all right and that when it healed it would be stronger,’ said the former Nottingham Forest youngster.'
  6. '‘I think mentally we've been all right and physically we've been magnificent in the last three games,’ he said.'
  7. 'I really didn't want to wake him and he seemed all right physically.'
  8. 'Sir Alex overhears them as he walks past and asks: ‘Is everything all right lads?’'
  9. 'And we're both all right at the moment - Gran's health has hit a plateau, as far as I can tell, and my life is just as boring as usual.'
  10. 'It had taken Juliet two weeks to convince Sam that he would be all right to walk the streets again by himself.'
  11. 'I look at Wonder Boy and pronounce that Rafael is perfectly healthy, mentally sane, and all right.'
  12. 'In the end I suspect that more people will want to believe that things are really all right despite the portents, rather than accepting that we're on the eve of destruction.'
  13. 'it's all right for you to go now'
  14. 'What is not all right is for private property interests to capture sole use of public water for their personal private profit.'
  15. 'We all must be willing to help each other and accept people as individuals, while realizing it is all right to disagree.'
  16. 'That is not all right, but to him it's a perfectly acceptable reason to fire you.'
  17. 'I wonder why it is not acceptable today, when it was all right under a National Government.'
  18. 'However, a lot of questions may come to mind, such as: is it all right to allow others to enter this space?'
  19. 'Go and see her; I'll be all right if any orders come in.'
  20. 'Not only will it help people to need help, but also it will help overcome stigma because I believe if insurance covers mental illnesses, it will be all right to have them.'
  21. 'And everybody here belongs to the club except me, and that's all right except for the fact that I'm here.'
  22. 'Winning just another division title would be all right, but nothing less is acceptable.'
  23. 'It can be all right to make a certain deal with one player but not with another.'


In a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent; fairly well.
  1. 'I actually surfed all right, but I can't do that anymore.'
  2. 'Or am I just taking part in the old alcoholic self delusion of finding someone worse off than you in order to confirm that you're doing all right yourself.'
  3. 'I actually thought I played all right as I wasn't really quite on the ball, but other than that I thought that it was a great event.'
  4. 'So I think I'm ready to accept that it worked all right.'
Used to emphasize how certain one is about something.
  1. 'He was getting warm all right; in fact, he was feeling downright hot.'
  2. 'She's got a good voice all right, but the actual tune is a bit bog standard, isn't it?'
  3. 'The leading falcon was handsome all right, but there is a strange quality about him.'
  4. 'Well, it's very interesting, because there has been a car crash all right and it's certainly no hoax.'
  5. 'Yeah, the twenty first century was going the way of science fiction all right, all fighting and Eden was far from in sight yet.'
  6. 'I tell this Government that the people of Canterbury will be sending a message to this Government all right and it certainly will not be in support of this legislation.'
  7. '‘I got up early this morning;’ well that was the truth all right.'
  8. 'Mind you, ants like the sugar water all right and no doubt bees will find it too!'
  9. 'His eyes became the size of dish plates as he saw the small, furry creature standing there, but his vision didn't lie - it was a goat, all right, or actually a ram if one wanted to be precise.'
  10. 'As she said at her Senate confirmation hearings, it's a different kind of war all right, but one which will take a strong commitment from our allies to help us fight it.'


Expressing or asking for assent, agreement, or acceptance.
  1. 'But they were already planning to go, and it sounded like it could be fun, and we needed something to do on July fourth, and I'm not going to make any more excuses because it was ace, alright?'
  2. 'The physical side I was not able to accept and say, all right, so what, you know, I have a little bit of problem walking down stairs, and it's OK.'
  3. 'All right, all right, it's actually a hotel room, but soon I'll have made it into my office.'
  4. '‘Whoa, alright that just came right out of left field,’ I thought, glancing at him like he had just grown another head.'
  5. 'Just don't come round my house, alright?'
  6. 'Contrary to popular belief, he and I are actually good chums, all right?'
  7. 'Under the circumstances, okay, you told us certain things, all right?'
  8. '‘Oh alright, fine,’ she said, stepping all the way in and dunking her head under.'


1. all right.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be alright with people."

"people can be alright in/at/on mornings."

"people can be alright in places."

"people can be alright to people."

"people can be alright for nows."

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it's all right for —
it'll be all right on the night