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Relating to or induced by sexual love or desire.
  1. 'In short, Amiana proposes that writers of amatory fiction write something other than amatory fiction.'
  2. 'Andrew Marvell takes this amatory literary tradition and transforms it so that it can be used to make intelligible the dynamics of a political and religious struggle.'
  3. 'With the reference to raptures, Herrick returns to the amatory imagery that links profane, sacred, and poetic themes.'
  4. 'They might have added that he had the amatory skills of Casanova.'
  5. 'In a number of places in his work, Andrews suggests that the erotic / amatory impulse has become overwhelmed by consumerist images and the desires they invoke and create.'
  6. 'As we have seen, Surrey, Cheke, and other poets reconstruct the efficacy of ritual practice and Catholic theology in amatory devotion.'
  7. 'He had adventures - many amatory - in England and on the Continent.'
  8. 'Even the delicate amatory trophy of Cupid's bow and arrow has moved away from chinoiserie and rococo sources.'


1. of or relating to lovers or lovemaking; expressive of love: amatory poems; an amatory look.

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"styles can be amatory."

"stakes can be amatory."

"routes can be amatory."

"performances can be amatory."

"matters can be amatory."

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Late 16th century: from Latin amatorius, from amator (see amateur).