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Opposed to war in general or to the conduct of a specific war.
  1. 'His actions in the early '70s were motivated by his desire to achieve political notoriety by hitching his wagon to the anti-war zeitgeist.'
  2. 'Whether or not it could have been done otherwise, e-mail became the principal means of co-ordinating anti-war networks across the world.'
  3. 'No writer of his generation was more responsible for the widespread antiwar movement in England in the years following the war.'
  4. 'Montreal peace activists still can't stop talking about the record-breaking turnout of the Feb. 15 anti-war march.'
  5. 'That was in addition to the wider meetings of the anti-war group.'
  6. 'The programme would begin with an anti-war show by 150 students.'
  7. 'At the London anti-war rally, over a million people hit the streets.'
  8. 'We are here to show our support for the world antiwar movement, she said.'
  9. 'They need the support of the wider anti-war movement.'
  10. 'Police were today setting up extra patrols outside schools in Leicester to stop pupils walking out to join an anti-war demonstration.'

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1. against war or a particular war: the antiwar movement of the 1960s.

More examples(as adjective)

"songs can be antiwar."

"demonstrators can be antiwar."