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Not interested or involved in politics.
  1. 'Surely, we all know one person who doesn't usually vote, an apolitical type who isn't interested.'
  2. 'We are an apolitical organisation, with our headquarters in Delhi.'
  3. 'Even films that purport to be bland or apolitical are political in their intentions.'
  4. 'It's a quick, cheap, fun read that's entertaining and slyly apolitical.'
  5. 'If high politics often seems strangely apolitical, everyday life is extraordinarily politicised.'
  6. 'It means abandoning the idea that judges can ever be reliably apolitical.'
  7. 'Technology seems to interest them little and their stance is apolitical.'
  8. 'For years, he was regarded as apolitical; almost wilfully apolitical.'
  9. 'This means that the monarchy is apolitical and impartial.'
  10. 'The population is very apolitical, except for the nationalists.'

More definitions

1. not political; of no political significance: an apolitical organization.

2. not involved or interested in politics.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be apolitical."

"militaries can be apolitical."

"symbols can be apolitical."

"stances can be apolitical."

"people/places/organizations can be apolitical."

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