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  1. 'They are all native to the subtropical and temperate regions of South America, and sexual diploids and apomictic polyploids are known for almost all of them.'
  2. 'Parthenogenetic weevils are apomictic.'
  3. 'Furthermore, apomictic reproduction has been found in most polyploid Corollinae species, which, if transferred to cultivated beet, has the potential to improve the fixation of desired genotypes in breeding programmes.'
  4. 'However, this seems unlikely since, as far as we know, no apomictic taxa of Primulaceae have been detected.'
  5. 'A major scientific goal in the last decade has been to isolate genes specifically expressed in apomictic genotypes.'
  6. 'Expression of four oleopollenin genes in eight individuals of the predominantly apomictic species Boechera holboellii.'
  7. 'The results show that early fertilization leads to the formation of apomictic embryos while fertilization at anthesis favours the formation of sexually derived embryos.'

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1. any of several types of asexual reproduction, as apogamy or parthenogenesis.

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"lines can be apomictic."