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A member of a Communist Party apparat.
  1. 'You write that in four of these five states the current rulers are former apparatchiks of the Communist Party.'
  2. 'Former Communist Party apparatchiks wound up in control of most state assets while billions haemorrhaged out of the country into numbered Swiss bank accounts.'
  3. 'In so doing, they hope to exonerate the thousands of former Khmer Rouge apparatchiks within the Cambodian government, military and business elite.'
  4. 'It is entirely generated by three budget-hungry heads of universities and their apparatchiks.'
  5. 'Against a background where change comes slow, the theory of a ‘black hole’ swallowing up hikes in funding has gained currency among frustrated Finance apparatchiks.'
  6. 'And where are the political thinkers, as opposed to the apparatchiks?'
  7. 'Today we get apparatchiks who start their working life with the intention to become a politician and work their way through the rarified environment of trade union offices, electorate offices or political think tanks.'
  8. 'Global pundits will find endless flaws, and many a Washington apparatchik may be troubled by the election's outcome.'
  9. 'The more top-down management became dominant, the greater must be the tensions between the top-down apparatchiks and the academic staff who do the research and the teaching and the examining.'
  10. 'With the political journalists, the fun in reading them is trying to work out which politician, apparatchik or bureaucrat they've been speaking to.'
  11. 'It is a bit rich for the apparatchiks of contemporary tourism industries to claim a romantic attachment to objects whose value is derived solely from that which was placed upon them by British antiquarians of yester-year.'
  12. 'Curators, artists, dealers and art world apparatchiks seemed all, for once, to be speaking with the same voice.'
  13. 'This apparatchik added looking at the academics who were commanded to attend: ‘If there is anyone here against democracy, I shall smash his face’.'

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1. a member of an apparat, especially in a Communist country.

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"mentalities can be apparatchik."

"reformers can be apparatchik."

"pasts can be apparatchik."


1940s: Russian, from apparat (see apparat).