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Come into sight; become visible or noticeable, especially without apparent cause.
  1. 'They descended from the clouds, as the familiar sight of landmarks appeared.'
  2. 'Colours that were not previously apparent subtly appear as the eye focuses on the space between colours.'
  3. 'The second her eyes appeared and she caught sight of Stien she let out a hideous scream.'
  4. 'The final Baily's bead appears together with the visible band formed by the solar corona.'
  5. 'The scandal lies also in the fact that the transgression is visible, appearing like a strange hieroglyph on her face that others contemplate with fear and trepidation.'
  6. 'Also, as a tip, your visible text should appear as close to the top of your HTML code as possible.'
  7. 'Every once and a while she would fall out of sight, only to appear again just within reach of his eyes.'
  8. 'Sponsors pay a lot of money, and they deserve to have their names visible in photographs that appear in the media.'
  9. 'The rare transit happens when Venus comes directly between the sun and the earth and appears as a black dot moving across the bright disk.'
  10. 'The death knell for the royal line rang out across the besieged tower as a noticeable dent began to appear in the door of the chamber.'
  11. 'the major life forms appeared on earth'
  12. 'Autumn officially appears in 13 days, a perfect time for that annual drive in the country.'
  13. 'However, the Cambrian was nonetheless a time of great evolutionary innovation, with many major groups of organisms appearing within a span of only forty million years.'
  14. 'It usually appears in people over the age of 40 and can sometimes be treated by diet changes alone or in combination with tablets or injections.'
  15. 'During the middle Minoan period, urbanism became apparent, towns appeared, and the great palaces were built.'
  16. 'The spares sales may eventually appear, but most likely it'll only be enough to pay for the next round of development.'
  17. 'As an adult you should pay particular attention to any growths which appear on the face or on the backs of the hands.'
  18. 'The Monza layout has changed over the years, and at one time featured bankings, but these have been discontinued following major concrete defects appearing.'
  19. 'Few solutions specific to the needs of the medical device sales environment are appearing, however.'
  20. 'Then, a couple of years ago, free, automated publishing systems began appearing on the Web, which caused blogging to explode in popularity.'
  21. 'So precisely when the native nations were finished, they thought they were going to die, she appears and offers new life to them.'
  22. 'Two American versions appeared and he published a translation in Australia in 1825.'
  23. 'Literature began to resemble the enormous book piles then appearing all over the major cities of the empire.'
  24. 'He produced an edition of Pascal's works which was published from 1908 onwards with a second edition appearing after his death in 1929.'
  25. 'Before this paper appeared, he published two other papers on rather more conventional mathematical topics.'
  26. 'His poems stopped appearing in major American poetry anthologies, and his books went out of print and remained so.'
  27. 'The word ‘muggle’ is to appear in a major dictionary for the first time.'
  28. 'Thus, some viewers were directed to stories that did not appear in their edition of the newspaper.'
  29. 'When articles like this start appearing in major newspapers, you know that something is stirring in the cause of English independence.'
  30. 'he appeared on six charges of theft'
  31. 'The first applicant has the necessary leave of the Court to appear for the second applicant.'
  32. 'None of the three defendants appeared in court, but magistrates found all three cases proved.'
  33. 'He appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Saturday morning and has been remanded in custody until next month.'
  34. 'He appeared in Tauranga District Court and was remanded on bail to appear again in two weeks.'
  35. 'Although the matter has been called today, she has not appeared in the Court.'
  36. 'He admitted a charge of affray when he appeared in court for sentence and was given a 100-hour punishment order.'
  37. 'Police in Delhi said an Indian businessmen had been arrested and appeared in court on Friday when he was remanded in custody.'
  38. 'They appeared in magistrates court in Preston yesterday alongside five others.'
  39. 'Last week 13 asylum seekers appeared in Luton Crown Court for a preliminary hearing.'
  40. 'For that matter it might equally have been counsel who the defendant wished to appear for him.'
  41. 'The star is one of many celebrities set to appear on the Wyvern Theatre's stage this spring.'
  42. 'Many of the Indian participants will be doing their homework before they appear on the show, producers predict.'
  43. 'Other members of the public appear throughout the film, in walkthrough roles in pubs, buses and streets.'
  44. 'About a decade ago, I was asked to appear on a comedy special which featured political comedians.'
  45. 'By the late '30s, the actress was appearing in low-budget films, and she quit working in 1942 to be a wife and mother.'
  46. 'They appeared on a microbudget Granada show, filmed in their own homes.'
  47. 'Another star who refused to appear on screen because he was forbidden from smoking in the studio was duly ridiculed on air.'
  48. 'From this point on, our two big stars don't appear on screen together much.'
  49. 'She added that she would be consulting a solicitor about possible legal action if it were found that she had appeared on film.'
  50. 'This is certainly going to be the most exciting programme for some time with major artists appearing throughout the whole week of the Festival instead of the usual focus towards the second weekend.'
  51. 'the symbol appears in many paintings of the period'
  52. 'They will also appear in another edition published two weeks later, where they are modelling pyjamas.'
  53. 'With fake tsunami videos and still photos appearing on the Internet, news companies have much to offer in that regard.'
  54. 'Stanton said he did not want to be known as a ballet choreographer, despite his work appearing on major ballet companies.'
  55. 'The Arlesian woman herself never appears in the story, although she is constantly discussed.'
  56. 'This is the case with variables 2 and 4, whose scatter diagram appears in Figure 11.9.'
  57. 'Each line appears in vibrant colours of the Indian summer as well as softer shades that will please the eye during bright sunny days.'
  58. 'This tree appears in the old photographs, taken from the Riverside.'
  59. 'Every once in a while some robo-cop appears in a newsbyte and is said to be ‘a few years away’ but never seem to show up.'
  60. 'Most topics appearing in journals were offered in similar or greater percentages of the curricula.'
  61. 'In fact, this particular phrase appears in other parts of both documents.'
  62. 'They wait over 21 years for one to arrive and two appear in the same season.'
  63. 'He appeared at the house after lunch, with a collapsible suitcase, still wearing the four-button jacket, clean and freshly pressed now.'
  64. 'A few minutes after Steph and Lewis arrived, Josh appeared at the downstairs door.'
Seem; give the impression of being.
  1. with clause 'it appears unlikely that interest rates will fall'
  2. 'Finally, it appeared that he had arrived at the intellectual center of the city.'
  3. 'So, trapped in the musty atmosphere of planet earth, they appear clumsy and fragile.'
  4. 'It would appear that one of Earth's rarest bird species might have gone extinct.'
  5. 'However it appears, unlike the century that has passed, we are entering an era that will be based on exclusivity rather than universal access.'
  6. 'According to this site, it appears unlikely that I have been abducted by aliens.'
  7. 'Canada's three major cities appear to be in some kind of rivalry with one another.'
  8. 'It appears unlikely at this stage and it is difficult to imagine him wanting to inhabit the rather obsessive world that managers must live in.'
  9. 'As soon as we sit down as friends though, it appears that interests are dampened, if not doused completely.'
  10. 'It appears unlikely that the referees will have enough support to force the meeting which will mean a continuation of the dispute.'
  11. 'My own impression is that it appears as from another planet and does nothing to put the heart or soul back in the centre of Bradford.'

More definitions

1. to come into sight; become visible: A man suddenly appeared in the doorway.

2. to have the appearance of being; seem; look: to appear wise.

3. to be obvious or easily perceived; be clear or made clear by evidence: It appears to me that you are right.

4. to come or be placed before the public; be published: Her biography appeared last year.

5. to perform publicly, as in a play, dance, etc.: He appeared as the king in the play.

6. to attend or be

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be appear in courts."

"indebtednesses can be appear for percents."

"people can be appear with people."

"people can be appear at conferences."

"costs can be appear for times."

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Middle English: from Old French apareir, from Latin apparere, from ad- ‘towards’ + parere ‘come into view’.