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Add (something) to the end of a written document.
  1. 'Most of the reports either omit the rest of the quotation entirely, or append it elsewhere, as though they weren't part of one long, multi-clause sentence.'
  2. 'After documenting his existence and education, it appends only two more entries: a brief chronology of employment, and an impressive list of publications.'
  3. 'Relevant extracts are appended to this article for easy reference.'
  4. 'Often I write out my Vicar's Report for the benefit of the secretary, so he can append it to the minutes; but last night I was speaking more ad lib from scribbled notes.'
  5. 'To that I will, not being member of the Archdiocese of Chicago, have to append the following letter.'
  6. 'The trust can be a bank, building society account or shareholding in a parent's name with the child's interest noted by appending the child's initials after the parent's name.'
  7. 'In appending the formal education with cultural education, it may be possible to create a space that really is inclusive, not to mention that it might just liven things up around here.'
  8. 'Changing the subject is easy… you just introduce it in a new email or append it to a reply to an existing thread.'
  9. 'Regarding the latter, I feel compelled to append it with the phrase, ‘but with a certain mischievous, devil may care, and oft attractive demeanour’'
  10. 'Attackers changed a configuration setting called the ‘enable document footer’ feature, which is used to append files to webpages.'

More definitions

1. to add as a supplement, accessory, or appendix; subjoin: to append a note to a letter.

2. to attach or suspend as a pendant.

3. to sign a document with; affix: to append one's signature to a will.

More examples(as adjective)

"letters can be appended."

"structures can be appended."

"materials can be appended."

"lists can be appended."


(append)Late Middle English: from Latin appendere ‘hang on’, from ad- ‘to’ + pendere ‘hang’.